Reconnecting it is not supported by the device error code hcnetsdk.dll 91

There are two main problems to the error of Reconnecting it is not supported by the device error code hcnetsdk.dll 91 in your IP camera.


  1. When there is insufficient power to the camera
  2. When the auto change stream type is on  

The easy and fastest solution is to use the PoE cable and turn the auto change stream off.

Remember that when using the PoE power supply, it is essential to follow international standards. (IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af). Each one has a punctual voltage for the cameras. Therefore, please advise when obtaining it to use the correct cable. 

This power supply allows to use up to 100 meters and provides a better power supply. but if you are within 40 meters you can opt for a passive PoE cable.

  • Use two types of the video stream. The main and secondary.

 To prevent this error code hcnetsdk.dll 91 only you have to open the ¡VMS-4200 to reconfigure the parameters.

  1. Click tool—> system configuration.

This should work all you need is to reload the camera and the Reconnecting it is not supported by the device error code hcnetsdk.dll 91 should disappear. But if the cable is in bad condition or with wrong settings, it can lead to the same problem and will need to be reset and configured from scratch, from the software to your computer if necessary.

Just login into the camera, go to the upgrade and maintenance menu.

But if all this don’t work, just try to restart the ¡VMS- 4500

It is fundamental to have the last firmware to make sure that works good to avoid the Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91]. 

Insight into the global Smart Access Control System (ACS) trend by 2026

Miami, FL, United States, 2020.

QYResearch.com added a new report with an insight into the global Smart Access Control System market. This study will help to better understand about the Smart Access Control System competitors, sales players, manufacturers, channel for the distribution, growth potential, potentially disruptive trends, Smart Access Control System (ACS) industry product innovations.

This insight has been added in the sake of provide an overview of the industry of Smart Access Control System (ACS) and it’s different features such as manufacturers data , shipment, price, revenue, gross profit, business distribution, SWOT analysis, consumer preference, investment opportunity, socioeconomic factors, government regulation among others.

The report as mentioned before has been distributed in different parts including main manufacturers on the market with an outstanding of company profile, revenue, sales, business tactics and forecast, such as:

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Also includes the margin of market competition of the global Smart Access Control System (ACS) has been widely studied focusing on large developments, future plans of top players, growth strategies for a company. All the companies mentioned before have been analized based on factors such as market share, market growth, company size, sales and income.

Outstanding features of the report.

  • Distribution channel assessment, market analysis and sizing forecasts.
  • Corporate innovation trends.
  • Strategies for sustainability.
  • Niche market trends.

The Smart Access Control System (ACS) geographical division report sets an idea of the revenue of the companies and sales figures for electrical growth business. These are the geographical divisions: North America, Europe, Asia – Pacific, South America, Middle East – Africa, Nigeria and South Africa all in one report.

By product and type the market is divided in three categories.

By end users and application this report extends the following segments.

Furthermore, we are going to briefly explain the table of content down below.

Market Overview: This part offers an overview of products offered in the global Smart Access Control System (ACS).

Market Competition: The report shows the constant competition on the (ACS) market is growing or decreasing based on deep analysis of market concentrate rate.

Company profiles: This provide an overview of statistical as well as other types of analysis of leading manufacturers in the global Smart Access Control System (ACS).

Market by product: This section analyzes product segments of the (ACS) market.

Market by application: Several application segments of the Smart Access Control System (ACS) are for research study.

Market by forecast: For the Smart Access Control System (ACS) includes revenue forecast, sales, sales growth rate and revenue growth rate forecasts.

Research Finding and Conclusions: This section will explain the conclusions and finding of the research study.

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