Fix resolution error in nvr/dvr Hikvision

None of the cameras are displayed locally on the Monitor/TV.

Note: When reviewing the cameras remotely they are correctly viewed from the “live View” and “Remote Playback”. See in your NVR or DVR.

To understand the cause of the problem the first thing is to be sure that it is a failure of the security cameras Hikvision. Therefore to enter these remotely from the remote management software was checked that they were working properly.

As we can see in the following image the cameras are not being displayed on the monitor or TV. Check that the monitor is connected and check directly to the NVR Hikvision and DVR Hikvision. This message is displayed when reset Hikvision NVR or DVR.

When we click on “Yes” confirming that we are going to use this resolution. We can see in the following image that no camera is displayed on the screen.

Solve this NVR hikvision issue easy:

The solution to this error is easy. Usually, what happens because it is taking the wrong video output. In this example, is shown for NVR Hikvision or DVR brand but can occur in any other brand. The only thing we have to do is look in the menu settings related to the video setting and resolution.


  • Go to the configuration menu of your DVR/NVR, in our case, System >> Live View >> View.

As we can see the video output was in “VGA/Channel-Zero“, what we must do is change it to the output we are using in our DVR/NVR, in our case in “HDMI“.

Finally we click on “Apply” and then it is recommended to reboot to verify that everything went well.

It also often happens that some cameras are no longer being viewed correctly. We must adjust its resolution in Hikvision NVR software or NVR depending on the specific requirements of the implementation. You can choose different network Hikvision surveillance cameras HD formats. The following table serves as a guide to avoid camera display problems on monitors and TVs.


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