How long-range access control systems work

Long-range access control systems are similar to the standard IP door access control systems. They read a credential and determine if the door or gate should be opened. While the standard systems have a very short range, measured in inches, the long-range readers can operate at a range of over 25 ft. When you want to open a gate to a parking garage from your vehicle, you really can’t use a standard reader. You need a system that provides a much longer range.

All the readers use the same technology for communicating with the credential. The standard short-range IP door access control readers use frequencies of 125KHz or 13.56MHz. These standard credentials are called proximity cards or smartcards.

This proximity card system consists of two components, the reader, and the credential.

The proximity system has an inventive way of providing power to the credential (or card). It actually uses the energy sent from the reader’s antenna. The credential includes an antenna, a capacitor, and an integrated circuit that contains the ID number. When the card is placed within range of the reader, the antenna coil, and capacitor, which form a tuned circuit, absorb and store energy from the field. This energy is rectified to direct current which powers the integrated circuit. The chip sends its ID number or other data to the antenna coil, which transmits it by radio frequency signals back to the reader unit.

Long-range access control reader systems are very similar except they use larger antennas for the reader. The larger antenna allows more energy to be directed at the credential. Some systems use passive credentials while others use active credentials. The active credentials include batteries so the credential must be replaced when the battery dies.

The long-range reader uses higher frequencies, such as 865MHz, or 902MHz. Since this is a different frequency than the standard door readers, the credentials are different. These special credentials are available as a card or as a stick-on tag for the vehicle.

The same access control software (TVIPTirSoft) is used for standard readers and long-range readers. This means that all the readers can be integrated into the organization’s system (except using different credentials). You can select IP door access readers that use proximity credentials, or even biometric readers.


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