How to open the door or gate with ButterflyMX?

ButterflyMX is a smart intercom solution and allows you to use your phone as a mobile intercom video system and you can download the app for your smartphone and tablet. There six are different ways to open the door or gate with ButterflyMX.

Swipe to open

You can open the door just with a swipe for yourself or your guest anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at home or not you can simply open up the door only using the ButterflyMX app.

You are about to get home after a busy day. You are tired, your bag is full, meaning you have to start looking for your keys before you arrive home but with ButterflyMX app, your key is already in your hand. Open up the app when you arrive at the door and swipe right.


Virtual key

With the virtual key feature, you can send it to friends, family, and guests virtual keys for managed access can be revoked at any time.

Your dog walker comes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30. You usually just swipe-to-open to let them in when they arrive, but this upcoming Tuesday you’ll be in a spin class and won’t be able to access your phone. Instead, you can send her a virtual key that will be active on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:20-2:00.


Force touch

Force touch is a technology that allows you to use the functionality in apps without actually having to open the ButterflyMX app. You will only have to hold down the app on your home screen to open the door.


Apple watch

You will have total control just with a tap of the wrist.


You just got back from your morning jog – you’re training for a 5k. You feel great, you just went 2 miles in record time. It’s time to head back upstairs and replenish with some Gatorade. But wait – you just got an Apple Watch so that you could listen to music while running and leave your phone behind, so you can’t swipe to open like you normally would. Not to worry, you can open the door directly from your Apple Watch.


With your ButterflyMX app, you can create an access pin (meant for resident use only), which you can enter on the Smart Intercom to open the gate or door.


By voice using Siri or Alexa

Connect your Alexa or Siri-enabled device to unlock the door with just your voice.


Your hands are covered in flour, you’re on step four of the peach tart recipe you’re trying to perfect for your dinner party that starts in 20 minutes. Your friends are known for being fashionably late, but of course, the one time you’re running behind, Becky shows up early. Instead of having to pick up your phone and getting it filthy, you can simply ask Siri or Alexa to open the door.


On Key

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