What is a visitor management system?

Visitor management systems improve the safety and security of your organization. The world is changing there are economic and health pressures that have motivated many organizations to use digital visitor management systems. With the addition of access control panels, you can even provide temperature monitoring and protective mask detection.

Visitor verification

Visitors can be verified before they access to the building. Visitors will have QR codes that can be used for verification purposes, and if the visitor management system is quite advanced it will provide advanced registration for appointments. When the guest arrives, they present their QR code and their authentication key along with capturing a live photo, and they are digitally logged into the premises.


Whether it is a school or a commercial facility, you can blacklist anyone to deter unwanted visitors from gaining access. All the information collected from a visitor can be compared with another database to assure safety. The system allows you to establish a watch list that can be used in schools and other organizations where there is a need to control the entry of a person, organization, or country. The system also allows you to tag an individual for a “keep your eye on” in suspicious situations.

The system can be very helpful in controlling the entry of individuals that are involved in custody disputes where one of the parents is not allowed to see the child.

Emergency notifications

Visitor management system can trigger emergency notifications in case an unexpected situation may arise. You can customize who receives the warnings and what the message says. And if the front desk does not have the time to type a message there is an optional emergency (SOS) button to alert.

Visitor management reports

Better visitor management software allows you to run extensive reports from students to contractors to visitors. The reports can be exported in a CSV format or excel- whichever fits your needs. These reports allow you to review all the organization’s visitors.

Visitor management and access control

By integrating the visitor management system into the access control system, you can assure that the person can only enter certain controlled areas of the organization. The visitor badge can be used to open certain doors but not others. It can even control an elevator so that the visitor can only reach a specific floor.


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