What is Magnetic Lock?

What is mafnetic door access control?

Hid magnetic door locks have been around for over 30 years and come in many different varieties. It is the most successful way to meet your expectations. There is also a wide variety of magnetic door strike access control systems. An integrator will help you determine the best method for you.

Magnetic Door Access Control

The magnetic door access control system must be as good as its installation. If done incorrectly, it can add frustration and risk by not performing the function correctly. It should be clarified that rates vary depending on the system you choose. Remember that with us, we give you a full support service with all our access control systems.

Hid magnetic door lock uses an electromagnet located at the top of the door frame to secure doors made up of an armature and a set of coils. The magnet is fixed to the door frame, and a metal plate must align the door. This system uses low voltage power to keep the entrance closed and is unlocked with a card, key fob, or access code. Can connect these types of locks to various access control systems. They can also be accessed via smartphone apps and often come with push bars.

As architectural and interior design trends continue, this type of hid magnetic door lock has become increasingly popular for sliding door preference. The diversity of magnetic door access control solutions is an excellent way to provide access control solutions for high and medium-level security, such as swimming pool gates and apartment complexes. 

If you think of purchasing one of these magnetic door strike access control systems, consider the pros and cons.

What are the possible solutions for magnetic locking doors?




What to consider when buying a Magnetic door access control?



– These types of Hid magnetic door lock is extreme and durable. They are of such good quality that they last for long periods.

– This type of magnetic door access control can be adapted to almost any kind, even glass doors.

– Magnetic locks require less cutting into the door frame during installation.

– This type of lock eliminates the risk of lost keys or key fobs, minimizing the threat of insecurity.

– They are easy to install with no connecting parts.

– They are straightforward and quick to use after installation.

– It reduces costs by not having to cut new keys.

– This Hid magnetic door lock is frictionless and therefore do not wear out as a traditional deadbolt would.

– They have an innovative design.

– They have no moving parts, so they suffer minor damage in the event of a forced entry attempt.

– Firefighters do not see them as a good option because their functionality is entirely electronic. So, it is more difficult to exit the property in an emergency as power is required to unlock the door.

Magnetic door access control can be more challenging to open if the magnetic lock is continuously locked.

– This system needs a constant power supply.

– cards or key fobs can be lost, allowing unauthorized persons access to the property.

– These locks can be expensive depending on the quality and strength of the safety.


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