Liftmaster gate arm bracket replacement, how to replace share pin Liftmaster?

Liftmaster gate arm bracket replacement

How to replace share pin Liftmaster?

The access control system of traffic arm gate has a original pin from the security arm gate, when we must change it, we should punch out so that the pin is gradually lowered. Because when the pin gets stuck in the barrier arm gate is difficult to get out of there. Therefore, we should do it very carefully and punch out the large pin. In this way, it weakens, and you can change the old bracket of the gate arm system.


When the old bracket of the arm gate is damaged, you must replace it with another entirely new one for the pines don’t continue to be broken; besides, the barrier arm gate doesn’t work correctly, and pines continue to break more often.


If you are going to replace it, you should punch out as much as possible to the pin that weakens and then remove it. You should consider that a hammer won’t work.

To insert this part in the engine, we must use a rubber hammer to avoid damaging the shaft of the arm gate. Already when the bar is mounted, we need to put the screws. Then we are going to regulate the barrier arm gate in the system.

It has already changed the piece with a new one; the access control system gate arm system works very well.


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