There are active and passive RFID systems. These systems can be designed to ensure that an organization complies with the latest government security regulations. It also helps to develop or improve the current loss prevention program.

active and passive RFID systems access control system RFID access controller access control with RFID

The type of system is according to the tags: the passive tag does not have an internal power source. In contrast, an active RFID tag comes equipped with a battery. Also, the active RFID has an internal transmitter in the form of a beacon or transponder.

An access control system determines who can enter or exit and where to leave or enter. And when they can enter or go out. RFID access control techniques use LF, HF, and UHF frequencies depending on the type of system.

Identifying what type of system is most convenient for your company is essential. This means an active tag can transmit signals continuously to an RFID reader. It can send signals at a distance of up to 150 meters, depending on the frequency levels.

Suppose there have been any security incidents over the past calendar year. Consider whether your current system is responsible and could be more secure. The new RFID access controller process is helpful to users as they can leverage data associated with entry and exit. It can maintain the control for any desired period.

What RFID technology systems tags can do?

Additionally, RFID systems are highly accurate and drive critical improvements in customer satisfaction. RFID systems are a reliable and easy-to-maintain option for controlling access rights. With the type of active system, it has greater scope but also requires more significant investment.

Passive systems can help you save on your security budget while limiting the functions or applications. Also, you can give your access control with an RFID system.

active and passive RFID systems access control system RFID access controller access control with RFID

The technology allows scanning many items simultaneously because each product does not require an individual field of view. Additionally, since the technology is challenging to simulate, it provides an advanced level of security.

RFID technology is quickly becoming a popular option as the advancement of technology makes different solutions available to any organization. It has been applied to numerous distinctive aspects of contemporary life and could have many more uses in various industries.


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