You should apply RFID or NFC in an access control system. Industrial door access control systems come in many different sizes. A fundamental system usually includes a keypad or access card. Although wireless systems cannot cover large venues, they are affordable.

To ensure utterly free passage out of a secure door, all locking systems incorporate a quick exit device. Your current system may be more secure. The best alternative to protect your facilities is controlled access systems.


RFID or NFC RFID technology NFC technology RFID access control

Like any other part of your business, technology has also revolutionized the security of your facilities. RFID technology is quickly becoming a popular option as technological advancements make some solutions available to any organization.

The unique RFID access control technology lets users enjoy complete, hands-free access control. Remote access control means you can avoid manual errors and save money in the future. With RFID, any system can limit the ability to enter secure areas, usually for privacy, confidentiality, or asset protection purposes

Door access control with RFID has become very flexible and reliable. It can also be applied to elevator control using access readers. The elevators identify which floors a person can reach according to their credential authorization. Another method of implementing RFID is the keyboard reader, where you must enter a code. It can be a card reader or a biometric reader.


Reprogramming cards is often impossible for practical reasons. A card can have a logo or some other information at the customer’s request; this may be favorable economically. But there may be security flaws.

Similarly, a smart card can send information to NFC-enabled devices, including tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Even allow them to access cloud-based networks and online system resources.

RFID or NFC RFID technology NFC technology RFID access control

NFC technology will be more advisable in cases where you can use devices compatible with this technology. Also, it is helpful when you need to identify through these devices. It is essential to remember that it is only possible to locate the NFC signal over short distances.

Finally, it is impossible to affirm that either of the two technologies is better for access control. It depends on the application required and the signal or reading range when identifying an object to grant access. However, RFID provides more solutions and variations to adapt this technology to any space.


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