Keypads for Access Control

Even though keypads present different lacks as a part of an access control these are the most common because there are no cards or fobs to buy, fingerprints to enroll, and template records to manage. A user receives an access code that should be memorized or included in other documents, and nothing else is required. Therefore, in this post we are going to be explaining the issues keypads might present and addressee how they undermine even the best access control platform and most secure locks.

Revealing buttons
When a keypad has been used for a long time usually there is evidence of prior combinations or the buttons that had been mainly used with a proof of use.
Nosy people
Despite evidence of prior combinations intruders could access if they had the chance to watch the codes.
PIN sharing might be easy from one individual to another one and the meaning of access control system will be lost.

In contempt of the vulnerabilities, keypads are installed in droves in modern access control systems with careful attention to these risky details to minimized them. You can go ahead and follow these three easy steps that might help you to overcome the weaknesses things such as cleaning and maintaining the units, update the pins as a rule from time to time and finally have a multifactor authentication method that help to ensure the neither lost-stolen cards, shared codes can be individually used.


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