What is Authentication Access Control System 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a layered security process that enterprises must implement to protect against threats and maintain compliance. 2FA can be executed on a customer-facing level. Such as with mobile applications or third-party cloud services. optional internally within the enterprise, for instance, with email, VPN, or remote access solutions. 2FA is also familiar with healthcare (which must comply with stringent HIPAA regulations) and e-commerce solutions.
Authentication access control implement 2FA through different authentication factors. One popular way to employ MFA is through access credentials and biometrics. Security admins can use proximity card readers, keypads, RFID tags. Even facial recognition technology to verify identity for access control system Miami.

Methods of 2FA:

Another standard method of MFA is through a phone call or an authenticator app. For example, with Google Authenticator, users must first type in their username and password — a knowledge factor. Before they are prompted to enter a six-digit number sent to them via text or an automated voice call – a second-factor verification process.

Proximity authentication access control with NFC:

Another standard MFA method is through NFC. A wireless protocol that uses radio waves to communicate between a device and an access reader. When a user presents a near-field communication (NFC) enabled device to an access reader. Such as a smart card or NFC-enabled mobile phone, the access reader will validate the device and send a signal. Always to the controller to allow the user into the facility.

Likewise, the access control authentication that are most recommended for physical locations are the credentials or biometric accesses. Since, they provide security that allows the administrator or owner of the site. Since, to have the facility to keep a more specific record of who are the people who move around the place.

Access control systems in Miami have become an essential method used in residential and commercial locations to provide better security.


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