NFC technology stands for near-field communication and is a short-range wireless connectivity technology. It uses the induction of magnetic fields to enable communication between devices. When they touch or come within a few space of each other.

NFC TECHNOLOGY RFID TECHNOLOGY Security technology near-field communication

Unlike RFID technology, it does not have a more excellent reading range and battery options with different characteristics. However, it is like using the popular HID proximity RFID card.

With near-field communication technology, you can: 

  • Authenticate credit cards.
  • Allow physical access.
  • Transfer small files.
  • And initiate more capable wireless links.

Generally, this technology extends the work of existing ecosystems and standards around radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Still, it has range and wave type limits, but it is beneficial if you know how to take advantage.

When is it beneficial to choose NFC technology?Security technology

NFC expands RFID and contactless capabilities with more dynamic features enabled by modern smartphones. This is a significant advantage over RFID, AS all modern phones now support NFC chips and apps.

Now, you can take advantage of the billions of RFID tags and terminals already deployed but read them. With NFC, it is easier, for example, to load multiple cards on a single phone to make payments.

Other uses of near-field communication technology are:

  • Public transportation.
  • Access to buildings where very long-range controls is not needed.
  • Opening car doors, among others.
NFC TECHNOLOGY RFID TECHNOLOGY Security technology near-field communication

The security technology is vital...

You can adapt NFC technology to basic RFID capabilities. You can also automatically extract data or an application from an advertising device within our hands.

Security technology is the easiest to identify and quantify. So, it is typically the focus of most of an organization’s cybersecurity efforts.

You can manage the technology centrally using a digital device or machine supplied by the supplier or installer. NFC technology can improve a company’s security if you know how to take advantage of its benefits.


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