Having Security Cameras Condominium or flats provides these sites with an improved security enviroment. With high-quality condo security cameras protecting the comunity while outside providing greater security over the assets.  


condo security cameras


One of the most critical challenges of condominium associations is the security of the residents and their property. The common and the private. Leaving them out of the reach of thieves and vandalism is not always easy. Property managers protect their residential units or commercial building by investing in a video security system. Installing a Florida condo security camera system can be one of the best solutions, depending on the type and size of the facility. Which can achieve at a reasonable and affordable price. Not only does it help reduce liability, but it creates a safer environment for tenants and helps deter unwelcome visitors.


The technology is advancing very fast, which allows us to find in the market cameras of high resolution. Gain a great benefits for the purpose that we want to achieve.

Notifying residents

Creating a policy

Storing footage

Obtein evindence


Theft: If you adquire a camera, you take an excellent deterrent. Dont let go burglars who are worried about being caught in the act. By installing condo security cameras, residents will feel more secure. The areas most vulnerable to robbery will be more controlled.

Vandalism: Mailboxes, walls, elevators, electric porters, vehicles, doormats, and a long etcetera. The target of thieves and those who hold a grudge. Or envy to their neighbor, and in short, of all those who for one reason or another, want to infringe an injury on the property of others or familiar. Florida condo security cameras are a good deterrent against vandalism.

Accidents and casualties: In which building do accidents not occur? A possible fire, a fall in the hallway, lobby, garage, or staircase. For smoke, the vehicle that collides with the garage door, the one that accesses the garage and occupies a place outside. The recording of the security cameras can clarify what happened, how it happened, and who was involved. That is why security cameras in Miami are a sound deterrent system, decrease incidents in your building, and saves money on repair costs and compensation.


First of all, you have to know what the needs of your building are. It is necessary to see the number of accesses the building has, as much for the apartments as for the garages and storerooms, their size, and a zone of swimming pools and gardens. All this will tell us the type of condo security cameras installation most suitable for your community of owners.

The security cameras condominium must be installed in difficult access, not to be manipulating. For this, it is best to have a security camera installation in areas near the ceilings. Is it clear what type of security cameras for condo building you need? Outdoorindoor, infraredshort or long distance, continuous recording or motion sensor? Do not just look at the price. An excessively cheap budget may not offer you the cameras and a recording system with the characteristics your condominium needs and maybe waste your money and that of your residents/owners.

It is also essential to think about the amount of light needed to make the camera as effective as possible. There must be a minimum level of light for the camera to capture the image. Fortunately, there are plenty of offers in the market when choosing cameras that can perfectly fit any space, such as mini-cameras, ceiling, and 360-degree cameras, IP cameras domes, mini domes, anti-vandal, etc. However, night vision cameras can permanently be installing with infrared systems.


Are you interested in installing or upgrading a condo security cameras? Don’t hesitate to contact Dicsan Technology. From the initial consultation to the installation of your video security system, we’re here to help with everything. Our experienced team of technicians is ready to assist you, whether you would like an estimate for a new system or prices for upgrading an existing design. To learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.