How to reset RFID access control?

RFID access control systems are crucial in numerous offices and residential buildings within Miami. Moreover, their convenience stems from contactless technology and the ability to integrate and update existing cards seamlessly. Understanding the process of RFID access control password reset is essential.

In cases where your ID card is lost or stolen, changing the passcode becomes vital. Furthermore, Linked Security guides you through how to reset RFID access control, ensuring a secure transition.

To reset the admin access control RFID password on a generic China keypad system like COUNS KO 5C, which involves altering the default door password, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the existing code (4 digits) followed by 0, the new passcode, and #.
  2. Repeat the new password, followed by + # + *.

The keycards will continue functioning with the admin’s passcode successfully modified. Once the “OK” button displays a green light, adjustments such as adding or removing cards or changing door opening settings can be made.

Default passwords are typically 9999, 1234, or 0000, but it is crucial to refer to the manual of your RFID card reader for confirmation.

If you want to know how to reset Rfid card or door code password for COUNS KO5C follows these steps:

  1. Enter * + Default code + #.
  2. Press 5 to change the door code, enter the new password, and conclude with + #.
  3. Confirm the new code by pressing # and *.

It is also possible to deactivate key access, allowing only RFID access control system card use.


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