How much do home security systems cost per month?

When searching for the best security system that fits all your needs you will have to consider, how much is it going to cost?. Pricing out a home security system can be difficult and confusing. There are important costs to consider before acquiring a security system for your home. Much of what goes into the cost of home security systems is the equipment this may also include 24/7 professional monitoring services, security camera cloud storage, and the ability to control your home security system using the security provider’s mobile app.

The average upfront of a home security system ranges between $250 and $1.500+. These costs include equipment, installation, and activation fees. You can avoid having a similar negative experience by understanding the different costs you may encounter. You can recognize the types of costs so you can avoid unnecessary charges.

Wired VS Wireless home security systems

Wired Security

Wired home security systems tend to cost more due to installation and monitoring. They rely on radio frequency to receive signals of triggered sensors. Most wired home security systems include a control panel or hub and motion sensors to help protect your home. Wired home security systems often require professionals installation to connect to your home’s electric and phone system making them more reliable in areas with low cellular signals.
But there are a few factors to consider with wired home security systems. Wired systems often require a contract to lease the security equipment and any additional professional monitoring services.

Wireless Security

Wireless home security systems work using internet or cellular signals to send alerts when sensors are triggered. They’re ideal for renters because they typically don’t require professional wiring or drilling. DIY wireless equipment is easy to install using one screw, removable adhesive, or plugging into a standard wall outlet to eliminate the cost of professional installation. All of your wireless equipment connects to a control panel or hub and can easily be controlled using your smartphone or web portal. The best part is if there’s a power outage, most wireless equipment includes a backup battery to work. Monthly plans are often less expensive than wired home security systems, but there are drawbacks to consider.

Home security costs to consider


Professional installation

Some home security systems require a technician to professionally install your home’s security equipment. After you schedule the installation appointment, you won’t have to worry about spending time wiring or drilling to install your home security system. However, professional installation can cost over $200 but may be discounted depending on the security provider or equipment purchased.


Smart home automation

Some home security companies offer plans to connect home automation equipment such as smart locks and smart lights. You’ll be able to create routines to automatically turn lights on or turn your home’s smart thermostat temperature down when you leave for work. Home security companies normally offer smart home automation capabilities at an additional cost.


Professional monitoring

Professional monitoring over your home 24/7, there’s an additional monthly fee. If a sensor is triggered, the monitoring center will contact you to alert you of any suspicious activity. Professional monitoring can start at $14.99/mo. for DIY home security systems and $28.99/month. Keep in mind, professional monitoring often requires a contract, but some month-to-month plans are becoming more popular.


24/7 camera footage

Home security companies offer continuous video recording (CVR) to record and store all of your security camera’s footage so you never miss a moment. Normally, security cameras only record motion-triggered activity – which is only a few minutes.


Security equipment

Security equipment adds up the cost of all the security equipment you’ll need to help protect your home. This often includes any security cameras, sensors, and control panels. Depending on your home security system choice, you will pay a monthly fee to rent the equipment for a time frame.


System activation

You will also want to factor in any activation fees to turn your equipment on. Activation fees are often included with installation and can range from a one-time fee up to $100.


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