Fingerprint Access Control

Biometric fingerprint access control is a great way to regulate a building or area access. Using a person’s fingerprint or iris pattern as a means of identification can make a workplace safe and secure. You can also use it for certification purposes. The technology behind biometrics allows users to be recognized based on their physical characteristics. By comparing a fingerprint or iris pattern to a access control database of known users, fingerprint access control can help ensure the safety of an organization’s property.

Fingerprint access control sytem

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Fingerprint access identification is one of the most common biometric access control systems. Since the nineteenth century, the fingerprint has been used. Thanks to Sir Francis Galton, who founded the science of fingerprint identification, firstly, it was used and considered to verify of authentication of criminals. Analog techniques began their transition in automation in the 1960s and currently is used by biometric technology of surveillance systems in many properties or buildings with a fingerprint access door lock to allow access to specific staff. Still, just a fingerprint access control system represents a fingerprint’s multiple points. Fingerprint reader access controls it each time more advanced, automated, and efficient due to their computing capabilities. The fingerprint access control is the most popular authentication system due to ease of acquisition, specifical collection by law enforcement, and immigration.

A fingerprint is a series of dark and white lines representing the high friction ridge skin, and the valleys are white. Therefore, the identification is based on main points features according to direction and location of the ridge and bifurcations, allowing fingerprint access. Nowadays, the most common motion access control sensor is the optical sensor but was developing in base to other technology such as pyroelectric, thermal, piezoelectric, capacitive, piezoresistive, ultrasound, MEMS, and more.

There are two techniques of fingerprint access control system matching: minutiae-based, where the system detects duplicate aspects, which is the most used, and pattern matching that compares two images to find similar elements. A biometric comparison scanning the person’s finger as a reference with 20 or more points looks good with excellent quality, but it just has one or five; this would be inadequate. When the data of the biometric access control system is stored, it creates a biometric profile that fits with the fingerprint access door lock. The system generates data for different people, creating a robust fingerprint reader access control database in this technology system.

Benefits of fingerprint access control:

  • It has a high accuracy of finger recognition.
  • Fingerprint access offers stability. 
  • It’s easy to use. 
  • Reduce data memory requirement.
  • The fingerprint is unique by a person. 
  • Difficult to create a fake identity by the biometric access control system.  

Disadvantages of fingerprint access control system:

  • The system cannot enroll some users.
  • Skin conditions can affect the working system. 
  • The scanning sensor is used for many persons because it is just advice. That is a big problem in the current pandemic situation.
  • It isn’t easy to catch the fingerprint due to age or occupation in some cases. 
  • The work to collect the fingerprint requires a specific ability. 

Fingerprint access control with Dicsan technology

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