First, keep in mind the card reader concept. Since you can obtain endless data about these devices. There are countless concepts that could be put into practice. Today, we want to give you some tips. Including the most basic methods to install and synchronize Bluetooth card reader access control mobile devices.

Synchronization is simple, but knowing the correct method is necessary because if you can´t install this device correctly. You could have operating problems.

Before explaining how to synchronize your phone to the Bluetooth access control card reader. keep in mind that we recommend purchasing quality products. Synchronization will be optimal when you are close to the device, and most generic products tend to have performance flaws.

Do you have Android or IOS Device?

Bluetooth card reader access control, Bluetooth access control card reader, Bluetooth access control reader
Bluetooth card reader access control, Bluetooth access control card reader, Bluetooth access control reader

Checking if the app you are using is compatible with your phone (Android or iOS) is a straightforward process. In most cases, both operating systems have their own application, making the installation process hassle-free and ready to go.

Install bluetooth card reader app on your device:

When you install your application (in Playstore or Appstore), it will ask you for registration credentials. Fill them out, choose your preferred language and continue to the interface.

Bluetooth card reader access control, Bluetooth access control card reader, Bluetooth access control reader

You can choose employee Bluetooth access control levels in your interface, review recent activities, and register new users.

To obtain access between the Bluetooth access control reader and your phone, you have to register it through Bluetooth access. The reader will show you its name in the respective list on your phone. So it will synchronize, and you can program your preferences.

Remember to give priority to your access to the application since you will be the administrator account of  reader.

Among other options, you can give visitors access through your application and schedule entry and exit times.

Invite a person to join to Bluetooth access control card reader, applications offer two options:

Scanning between devices using QR code is the easiest way to synchronize your employee. With their mobile device because they will already be fully registered.

Install the application on the phone of the person you want to have Bluetooth access control reader. Synchronize it on your system. It is generally configured using an IP code.

The system must be configured correctly since, through the portal. You will be able to monitor the synchronized and registered devices. (in addition to your mobile device). In your program, you can control each device’s credentials and permission level.

When you give the device the necessary permissions and try to access the door. Something in your configuration may not work, and you will have to reconfigure. After you have everything ready, you are ready to organize the Bluetooth card reader access control. these is linked to the mobile devices of your visitors and employees.

The information and credentials you save and host are generally stored in the cloud. Since they facilitate and favor the client by optimally protecting and keeping all the hosted information. Manual credentials are no longer valid due to the quality. With which Bluetooth access control systems technology works, and the information generated works optimally from the mobile device.


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