Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time? You may not be able to be there physically. But at Dicsan Technology, we can help you always to be informed about what is going on. Installing a Security Cameras System or access lock and key. Setting up Remote Monitoring on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or TV, you’ll be able to have the peace of mind you deserve knowing exactly what is happening.  Even if is in real-time at your property while you are away.


Benefits of secure lock and key, whether big or small, all companies have assets that need to be protected. However, traditional safety and key system are known to provide a high level of security. The truth is it’s only sometimes cost. 

Buildings that utilize a simple access lock and key door system can end up. Doors accidentally opening all day or night results in theft. In most cases, once tenants or employees leave or lose their keys. New keys were made and distributed. Most products can charge up to $250 to rekey a single or double door and provide change keys. It is an optional expense that can eat up a company’s profits.

For these reasons and many others, many businesses choose the benefits of access control Miami to secure their facilities instead of the traditional key and lock system. The secret benefits of door access control systems delete the need for physical keys and expensive services. They offer peace of mind because of many added security functionsAccess control security benefits also an almost of your management. There is no need to replace lost keys. hunt down old keys from finished employees, or wonder who can access which areas.


System Type:

It is crucial to determine the user's system to get a solution. hence a good performance for the access lock and key system


It's necessary to have the purpose or main focus for the access control system. Or in the best cases, the security level desired for Supplies.


That is the primary devices. You can consider if you want to acquire an protocol access key system for your business.


Users must select the most robust and bigger secure. For lock and key device, To fit their needs. For this case, it will be necessary to consider hiring a professional.

Authentication type:

The id type is important for the access control system process. The user will decide which secure lock and key system to use. Whether critical fobs, physical id, keypads, cards, etc.


We should choose access control technology based on security and system traits.

What are the limits of products locks and keys?

We all know the primary purpose of using a logical locks and Primary key access is to control who gets in and out of a building but has no record. Security is a significant concern for most companies. So,  managers, owners, and others must be aware of the individuals allowed to Protocol access key.

Benefits of access lock and key systems - Forms of registration:

In the benefits of Primary key access systems, users must present credentials before being granted access. There are three primary forms:

Secret benefits, Primary key access, Protocol access key, access lock and key, card key access system, secure lock and key
Secret benefits, Primary key access, Protocol access key, access lock and key, card key access system, secure lock and key
Secret benefits, Primary key access, Protocol access key, access lock and key, card key access system, secure lock and key

A physical certificate like an access card or key fob.

A password or PIN.

Something physical id like a fingerprint.

Another access control systems?

Another important id method is mobile phone information, which using a phone app instead of an access card.

Instead of providing each of your employees a set of keys to your business, you can choose to install an access control technology. You allowed your employees to access the industry using special plattform, such as an access key card. When an employee leaves your company or a tenant moves out, make off their Protocol access key to deny them further entry with simple keyboard. You’ll be able to use critical settings to help you know right who is going where and at what time, even if access was denied. The benefits of Access control systems make it easy for you to find the right balance between safety and fully use for your employees, clients, visitors, tenants, and yourself.

Secret benefits, Primary key access, Protocol access key, access lock and key, card key access system, secure lock and key


Are you tired of use physical keys to your building? Tired of having locks rekeyed when employees leave? You don´t want paying to get new keys made when you hire people? Dicsan Technology can give you peace of mind with customized solutions to meet your specific needs and budget! It is not usual for a site to use several different types of access control solutions across areas of another levels of security. Also, not every door has access controler; you can leave some locked and only give keys to appropriate personnel and expand later. Therefore, it is important to determine the level of security a site needs and consider the type of access and lock product, best suited for that specific site.

At Dicsan Technology, our fully trained technicians know that security is crucial and will design and install an access control system Miami. That will fit your condition, make sure that your property is fully secure. In the end, you’ll be glad to have a system that protects you, your staff, and your property. It’s clear that secure lock and key systems provide more advantages than traditional access lock and key. Therefore, the best choice for any security upgrade project. Contact us