What is digital signal processing?

Digital signal processing (DSP) takes real-world signals such as voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position that was digitized. Additionally, it manipulates them mathematically according to the use you want to give it. A DSP performs mathematical functions such as “add,” “subtract,” “multiply,” and “divide” very quickly.

digital signal processing DSP converting analog to digital systems digitally processing

First, it can process the signals to display, analyze, and convert their information into another type of signal. And it helps reproduce them on other devices.

In the real world, analog products detect signals such as sound, light, temperature, or pressure and modify them. Other components, called converters, convert analog to digital systems.

The converters take the signal from the real world and convert it to the digital format of 1s and 0s. From here, the digital signal processor takes charge of capturing and processing the digitized information.

After processing the information, it returns it digitized for use in the real world. Still, it can be in a digital or analog format using a digital-to-analog converter. All of this happens at very high speeds.

DSP application examples

A computer can use the information from a DSP to control aspects such as security, telephone, and home theater systems. DSP also allows video compression, making controlling devices that function as signal or information detectors easier.

You can compress the signals so they can be transmitted more quickly and efficiently from one place to another. This is also vital to obtaining digitized information promptly.

digital signal processing DSP converting analog to digital systems digitally processing

Signals can also be improved or manipulated to increase quality or provide more detailed information that human senses cannot perceive.

The devices perceive the information and can process it without the need to digitize it. Digitally processing signals provides the advantage of obtaining this information much faster. Additionally, you can modify details and some aspects more precisely with DSP.


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