What is an RFID transponder?

RFID transponder, or tag, have specific, unique identification numbers stored on a chip. They also have additional memory to store more data. 

These features of transponders are useful in payment processes, access authentication, or other security or data storage applications. The tag memory also can support encryption protocols, making it a very secure system. 

RFID transponder RFID security system RFID access control RFID entry system

Some RFID readers can include new data on the tags during identification processes. RFID security system is widespread in payment processes, tokens, or similar. 

Readers/writers are transponders that allow send data and forth between the tag and the computer. They may be challenging to set up, but they are beneficial. 

There are several types of transponders, and their classes are according to different aspects. The RFID transponder can be a keychain, wearable object, card, or bracelet. Or they can be almost invisible when labels attach to different objects such as stickers or buttons. All RFID access control have an RFID chip inside to be identified by the reader. 

Active and passive transponders  tags

RFID transponders can be active or passive, depending on their method of communication with readers. Transponders or active tags have a power source that strengthens their transmission signal. 

On the other hand, passive transponders have shorter reading distances, from a few centimeters to fifteen meters. The benefit of these is their low cost and longer lifespan since they are not dependent on the power source. 

RFID transponder RFID security system RFID access control RFID entry system

The disadvantage of passive transponders is that they do not transmit signals independently. Therefore, they work only when placed close enough to a reader who can read them. In these cases, the RFID entry system reader sends the data it obtains to the system to authenticate them. 

The benefit of using RFID tags is that they are beneficial to track inventory and count merchandise. These tags are usually helpful when access to a computer is not feasible. Also, the transponders are helpful when the worker must carry a portable device. 


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