The UFH optical RFID antenna can replace NFC devices. Because of NFC, they must be very close to each other, usually no more than a few centimeters. In contrast, optical RFID antennas are a popular alternative for access controls.
UFH OPTICAL RFID ANTENNA RFID access RFID access control access control RFID
The antenna is a small integrated device that identifies through an optical signal. The signal of an identifying object that contains information according to the previous configuration.
You will use devices like cell phones with levers and a step function shortly. That is, they will be able to activate this type of optical system without the need for extra objects.
This Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID antenna features an 860-960 MHz frequency range. This is the same external antenna we use for our simultaneous RFID access reader due to its high-quality features.

Where to install a UHF optical RFID antenna antenna RFID

Each UHF RFID Antenna has a cable terminated with an RP-TNC female connector. So, it is easy to install in any parking lot or residential entrance access space.
RFID access control methods use a wide selection of frequency bandwidths. These RFID methods use UHF frequencies, making them a perfect solution for accesses that require reading. Principally, it is helpful when it is necessary from a long distance.
UFH OPTICAL RFID ANTENNA RFID access RFID access control access control RFID
Understanding how access control RFID works is much better. And then, you will know how to get the most out of this technology. RFID is one of the best security devices. They do not require a battery and can be activated when scanned by a device.
Finally, it is essential to clarify that RFID is the technology that allows a person to access safe spaces. Without much effort, without space or time limitations.
RFID combines many systems that use radio frequencies to recognize something. But UHF RFID is today’s only longest-range automated access control solution.


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