Thermal cameras

Powerful, even useful are Thermal cameras.

So, do you need maintenance of the equipment of your building, company, or establishment? Then, contact us to acquire the necessary advice for your care. Thermal cameras are for you.

Product list:

Thermal cameras:
Case type:
Ilumination distance:
Lens type:
Lens size:
Optical zoom:


IP PZT 4D Keyboard Controller


Domo PTZ IP colorvu


Mobile network camera


Onvif 4D PTZ IP Camera Keyboard Controller


Thermal imaging systems are not new. Because these devices offer high-quality thermal imaging solutions based on infrared radiation. Even, these devices are called pyroelectric vidicons. To explain, all can serve as a stand-alone security device. As well as to increase the capacity of any video surveillance system.

If you are unsure which security camera process is appropriate, please get in touch with Dicsan Technology for advice. So, selecting security camera systems is more challenging than it seems. Besides, a thermal security camera process can meet a person’s safety requirements.

To say nothing of this type of camera, may be the best option when you have difficulty monitoring outdoor areas. Also, want to improve your current security camera system’s robustness further. Fortunately, it can help overcome those same restrictions. So, contact our security experts today to learn more about how it can help you achieve your surveillance goals.