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Entrapass Corporate Edition

EntraPass Corporate Edition is a platform that offers the best performance and affordability in a network environment. EntraPass offers flexibility to apply any change the customer may need. EntraPass software is adaptable with Kantech IP devices such as KT-400 and KT-1 controllers. KT-400 controller is a highly proven IP controller that supports up to 8 ioProx XSF and ioSmart readers. The KT-1 controller features a direct Ethernet port, PoE-PoE+ capabilities, and can be easily surface mounted above the door reducing cabling and installation time. With this innovative one-touch set-up and enrollment process, KT-1 provides integrators with the ultimate IP access control installation in minutes. Kantech’s IP devices offer real-time access to security information and integrate seamlessly into an existing IP network.

As EntraPass Security Management Software continues to deliver new features and enhancements, it is important to have the productivity tools to effectively use this solution. The Kantech Advantage Program allows you to stay current with your EntraPass software installation using tokens, the number of tokens required is based on the EntraPass options activated.

  • Support for ioSmart Smart card readers and cards.
  • RS-485 Input/Output module compatibility.
  • Integration with HID mobile access for mobile credentials.
  • Gain access to doors with a one time unlock command using the EntraPass go Pass mobile app.
  • Support up to 20 workstations and controls hundreds of thousands of doors.
  • Supports up to 50 concurrent logins of EntraPass web and EntraPass go. The first login is provided as standard.
  • Integrates with Exacq video management systems, DSC PowerSeries intrusion alarm panel models and the Kantech INTEVO integrated security platform.

Remote Mobile Access


EntraPass Corporate Edition supports the intuitive, state-of-the-art EntraPass web and EntraPass go mobile applications that offer customers an unparalleled feature-rich security experience. System administrators can connect via the web or a dedicated app on their smartphone/ tablet and manage common they are. EntraPass also supports the EntraPass go Pass mobile app which allows users with appropriate credentials to quickly and conveniently access secured areas with a few taps of a mobile device. EntraPass go Pass turns an iOS mobile device into an access control credential. Once the app connects to the Kantech EntraPass server, it presents you with a list of doors that you are authorized to enter.

Door Controller Compatibility

EntraPass software is compatible with Kantech’s complete line of door controllers to create a highly scalable solution that can be deployed within one building or across multiple locations. You can mix and match KT-400 and KT-1 together for the best solution to fit your specific needs. EntraPass makes the migration to KT-1 and KT-400 controllers easier for existing Kantech end users. You can automatically move the legacy controller’s door programing, access levels, triggers, graphics, among others.

Remote System Management Tools

The EntraPass web platform enhances the user experience by delivering remote and convenient real-time access to manage common security tasks and reports from any computer connected to the internet. Security managers on the go can perform a host of functions including locking/ unlocking doors, managing cards, and schedules, requesting reports, viewing live video and PTZ control, viewing a recorded video, video playback, monitoring events by floor plan and so much more. EntraPass go is a mobile app that allows you to remotely control your security system from anywhere without being tied to a workstation. It enables you to interact with EntraPass Security Management Software using only a few taps on your mobile device.

Alarm Panel Integration


Integrating all security assets such as intrusion detection, access control, video, and telephone entry into one common platform, users can interface with just one system, for greater simplicity and optimum control. Kantech offers integration kits to connect a DSC PowerSeries, PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro, or MAXSYS intrusion alarm panel to a Kantech access control system to create a single integrated solution.


Johnson controls releases ioSmart cloud readers

This release from Johnson controls introduces the new Tyco Kantech ioSmaty readers with bluetooth technology. These new readers support traditional PVC cards and fobs, all with the cloud managed access solution reliability and a single access control reader line for greater installation flexibility.

Customers can use ioSmart readers with panel-based access control installations to complement or replace their legacy PVC card and fob strategy with smartphone-based mobile credentials. ioSmart mobile credentials not only provide a superior solution for long range access control applications, but additionally allow administrators to easily issue and revoke personnel credentials remotely without needing to manage physical card or fob stock inventory. Companies can now securely allow personnel to conveniently access facilities using their smartphones without the security risk of lost, stolen or cloning of legacy card or fob technologies.

More than just a reader, ioSmart additionally provides low-cost keyless entry by supporting panel-less access control operation for offline door applications where panel-based architectures are cost prohibitive in a variety of vertical markets, including in education, commercial, healthcare, and retail sectors.

ioSmart readers provide lock output control that can be wired to any door strike, mag lock or gate for smartphone-based mobile access using cloud managed smart keys. In panel-less operation, ioSmart readers do not require any local network connectivity and provide cloud managed access control for mobile users even when Wi-Fi and cellular networks are out of service.

ioSmart mobile credentials and smart keys are securely managed with Tyco Cloud services and delivered to Kantech EntraPass go Pass mobile app users for a seamless access control experience.

Tyco Cloud is a single suite of video surveillance and access control application services that help customers move costly and complex security infrastructure to the cloud.