Suprema access control

Suprema focuses on access control security devices in many countries worldwide with global recognition due to their superior engineering. As well as innovation, and excellent quality in the security industry with more than 100 industry patents. Also, intellectual properties and excellent financial stability.

They have an extensive portfolio in different suprema access control products with continuous growth. To summarize, since 2016 to be the number one in the EMEA market. More than one billion people use suprema technology, more than 1.5 millions of their suprema access control systems in operation. Additionally, around many stores in 140 countries.

Suprema provides access control system, time to being there, mobile credentials, edge reader, ACU solutions, software platforms, network surface. Also, more about suprema access control readers. So, you can choose the system you require according to your needs in the property. Apart from those already mentioned, the portfolio also has different applications like fintech, forensic science, public ID, civil ID. Besides, law execution.

The more offer systems are face recognition access control and fingerprint access control. Their biometric access control technology is the better in the world. Suprema access control applications are constructions, data centers, healthcare, commercial, infrastructure, manufacturing, access control, time attendance, mobile credential, facial recognition. Also, mobile fingerprint, and privacy protection.

Suprema access control products


FaceStation F2 - Fusion multimodal thermal

This suprema access control system fulfills the function of verify accuracy and anti-spoofing execution achieved by unique fusion technology and unmatched face recognition access control work if it isn’t performed with the person’s pattern according to storage data from the system. Their unique is exceptional in face recognition performance by fusion matching due to it combining the IR and visual face recognition with a learning algorithm to achieve the verify.

This suprema access control device offers face recognition access controlfingerprint access controlaccess control card readers, and mobile access control options. That is the best device in its class in the surveillance industry. Also, it supports dual-frequency access cards, NFC and BLE- based mobile access cards that allow authentication via biometric access control data stored in cards. This suprema access control reader system fulfills all the safety and hygiene standards with the highest device security level. It has the option like remote user enrollment, detecting users without masks, identifying people with elevated skin temperature, and protecting personal data with a secure boot process and a robust capacity of enterprise-level memory. Best of all, the system can work in whatever environment and condition. 

Card access control systems are used for different purposes. For example, a security guard might not need to enter a server room while the IT staff shouldn’t. A door that requires a valid card shouldn’t be opened for long, and an internal card access system is ideal for sensitive industries. A swipe key card access control system allows an authorized user to enter the building without needing an additional key quickly. These systems also make it easy for people to enter a facility without a key.

BioEntry W2 - Outdoor IP Fingerprint Device

That is an excellent device of biometric fingerprint access control. Its technology is the latest generation with great security to the platform with excellent performance due to it has the newest fingerprint algorithm with a powerful CPU and LFD technology.

This suprema access control system is perfect for outside access control solutions that can withstand a high impact without any degrading network performance and reach. It makes it vandal-resistant and enhances the user experience with the best speed to respond quickly, providing superior protection. The device also provides flexibility in system design since it allows all RFID access control cards readers standards.

The new detection technology implements liveness decision, using infra-red and white light, the engine blocks fake fingerprints made from other materials. This suprema access control system provides users a low installation cost and a lower maintenance cost.

Suprema with Dicsan Technology

In Dicsan Technology we work with Suprema access control products due to their technology is excellent and we know that our customers need the best quality in their security systems devices at the time of installation and for a long time of use. Suprema access control is ranked as the better company in the surveillance industry. Therefore, they have a variety of systems that you can choose according to your necessities. For that reason, we try to find the better for you and your property protection and your security. Contact us for more information.