Nowadays, surveillance is an essential tool to keeping safe our assets and people in general. On the nights when we suppose that everyone is sleeping, things are not always secure. For that reason, it is essential to monitoring by a surveillance system that everything is in order no matter what time it is but keep our properties and employees. Security cameras with color night vision have advanced technology that allows this to be done.



Form Factors & Features


Nowadays, security cameras are an essential component of any effective business or property security camera system. Their most important function is to capture clear, sharp, and apparent footage. Some cameras capture stunning footage in the daytime, thanks to sunlight. However, the same camera might, perhaps, not be able to record apparent footage at nighttime outside the property. Today’s color night vision security camera systems feature an impressive array of advanced security camera features which allow nighttime video surveillance easy, effective, and accurate. A night vision security camera can monitor low-lit to completely dark environments without compromising image quality.

With the help of a high-resolution night vision security camera, your property can monitor day and night (24/7) anywhere you want. Within a long IR distance of up to 100 feet, high-quality images have been recorded on any security camera recording solution. You no longer have to worry about low-quality, unidentifiable images in nighttime settings. After the sun sets, a night vision security camera automatically relies on near-IR light to switch to night mode. In low-light or challenging lighting conditions, the day/night camera will produce correctly exposed images with technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range and IR illuminators. You will also be able to observe the perimeter of your property even when it is pitch-black outside.


You were finding the best night vision security camera that suits your specific security and surveillance needs. It is not that easy due to the multiple security cameras features available on the market. Night vision security cameras are also available in a wide range of styles or security camera form factors. To meet your personal security needs, and can be installed indoors or outdoor at your home or business. No matter your reason for installing a security camera system. A color night vision security camera system will put your mind at ease and keep you safe during the day or night.


An infrared night vision security camera works by illuminating a scene in infrared light. This light is entirely invisible to the naked eye but can see by devices built to be receptive to IR light.


Color night vision security camera works with available ambient light (such as streetlights). Advanced image sensors capture more light and allow them to continue recording in a full color night vision camera.


A thermal night vision security camera does not need any light at all to construct visible images. Instead, a Thermal night vision security camera creates images from differences in temperature levels. They detect the heat radiating off an object or a human and then convert it into a photo without the need for any illumination source. Thermal night vision security cameras are considerably more expensive when compared to an infrared night vision security camera but are far more helpful. They are widely used by the military and in factories or plants where temperature monitoring is crucial in keeping track of the factories’ equipment’s performance.


  • Night Vision Security Camera does not require visible light to record.
  • Night Vision Security Cameras are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient for your home or business security requirements.
  • Night Vision Security Camera uses LED lights which provide better illumination and last longer.
  • Night Vision Security Camera is available in a wide range of styles to meet your personal security needs.
  • Night Vision Security Camera will only activate the LEDs when needed, which saves more energy.
  • Night Vision Security Camera can be installed in indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Infrared light used by a Night Vision Security Camera is not visible to the human eye for discreet recording at night without revealing the camera’s location.


There are certain factors to consider before you decide to buy a night vision security camera. These factors include indoor or outdoor usage; the distance of furthest is to observe. Thermal or infrared security camera costs if you need a wireless security camera system or wired security camera system, etc.

Color or Black and White Night Vision Security Camera: With both options available for outdoor home use. Color security cameras are more expensive than black and white but provide a higher degree of footage. A black and white image will capture light versus dark tones compared to precise color captured by a color camera. When it comes to identifying an intruder, things like the color of clothing, skin, eyes, and hair can make all the difference.

Night Vision Security Camera System Connectivity Type: Depending on the security camera’s recording solution and environment, users should determine whether a wired or wireless night vision security camera system will best meet their needs. Wired security cameras are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use and generally provide the highest image quality. Wireless security cameras are simple to set up and budget-friendly to create a security camera system.

Outdoor or Indoor Night Vision Security Camera System: Both indoor and outdoor night vision security camera systems effectively provide safety measures for the users. The purpose of the surveillance system determines which is best. At the same time, there are many similarities between indoor and outdoor night vision security cameras. High-resolution outdoor night vision security cameras are designed to keep watch over large outdoor areas with a broader viewing angle. Many come with night vision features to capture images or video even in the darkest night. All are equipping to be weather resistant or weatherproof with rugged protective housing.

Amount of Cameras in Night Vision Security Camera System: The number of high-resolution night vision security cameras in your security camera system depends on the level of coverage, including perimeter, exterior, and interior surveillance that you will like to cover within your home or business.

Hikvision colorVu cameras: Hikvision has included 4K ColorVu cameras in its product range, bringing color imaging to ultra-high-definition levels day and night. With better image quality and richer detail, 4K ColorVu cameras can be applied across an even wider range of scenarios, including stadiums, airports, harbors, and parking lots, where clear and high-resolution images are necessary. Very full color night vision camera

Keep your family and property safe by monitoring the comings and goings at your home or business — day or night! Night vision cameras provide the protection you need and act as a deterrent against crimes like theft, burglaries, and vandalism. They are the best way to protect your home and get clear surveillance footage any time of the day or night and in any weather condition.

There can be no denial of the fact that most of the crimes take place at night. Don’t let criminal activity or dangerous situations take control of your life. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many users being cheated to buy night vision security cameras and then finding out that they have no night vision capacity. At Dicsan Technology, we offer a comprehensive range of the best night vision security camera available in the market to help you keep your home and business safe. Suppose you want to install a night vision security camera or color night vision security camera, regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor application. In that case, Dicsan Technology has your back with the high-resolution night vision security camera and high-resolution night vision security camera. Regardless of your needs, we can help you choose the best night vision security camera system in Miami to suit your needs. And then a security camera installation of those products for you at an affordable price that fits your budget. Contact Us


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