Nowadays, the integration of IP security cameras technology has been revolutionary. It is leaving aside those analog cameras, as IP CCTV cameras have a high-resolution computer vision given a better quality image, also known as PoE cameras.


For years, the traditional Analog Security Camera was the surveillance system tool of choice for business and security camera systems. Over the past few years, video surveillance camera has moved away from an analog security camera technology in favor of high-resolution Poe camera with inserted computer vision capabilities. In today’s security camera technology, That product is becoming more critical than ever before. It is the future for proper IP CCTV camera integration.

IP security cameras IP CCTV cameras best IP security cameras IP security camera


IP security cameras IP CCTV cameras best IP security cameras IP security camera

Miami’s stand-alone security camera connects to an IP network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. An IP security camera also knows as an Internet Protocol security camera or PoE security camera. An IP CCTV camera is a type of PoE security camera. They commonly employ surveillance systems that can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet, unlike analog security cameras. This devices offer high-resolution video, digital storage, advanced control features, and flexibility to add any additional PoE security camera.

Ip system

Unlike an analog security camera, an IP security camera has its memory SD-Card to store data. It can power by PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter. PoE security cameras have various residential and commercial applications for secure video transmission, as long as high bandwidth and dedicated networks are available. PoE cameras either have wired or wireless connections and are used indoors and outdoors, during the day and at night. Their remote access gives users peace of mind. They can watch the footage in and around their homes or businesses even while away from the properties.

Types of security cameras:

When selecting the best IP security cameras system, you can choose from many different Security Cameras Form Factors and options. Each form factor comes with its unique strengths and weaknesses – both physical sizing and advanced Security Cameras Features provided. For this reason, it is essential to examine these form factors to choose the right IP CCTV camera type that bests fit your needs.


Presents with an elegant shape design cylindrical, can mount on the walls or ceilings. Bullet IP Security Cameras capture images from a fixed area that they’re pointing.


This is the most common security camera in the surveillance industry today. Dome IP Security Cameras are usually tinted to obscure the camera itself. It is impossible to see where the camera is at the point.

IP security cameras IP CCTV cameras best IP security cameras IP security camera


Control manually or automatically for zooming, tilting, or panning.  Encasing in a hard-shell dome which protects it and obscures the camera’s direction from curious onlookers.


This devices also known as CS-mount cameras, are named after their traditional boxy design. Box Analog Security Cameras are a widespread video surveillance system option for businesses and homeowners due to their ability to use and interchange lenses to suit security surveillance needs. These cameras provide a clear image in poor light conditions.


This products also called eyeball camera, is similar in form and installation to the dome cameras. Turret IP Security Cameras are ideal to see in the dark in indoor and outdoor environments because they have an infrared LED of greater power.


Night Vision Security Camera features an impressive array of advanced features to make after-hours video surveillance easy, effective, and accurate. You can see things even in pitch black conditions with Infrared- LEDs.


  • An IP CCTV camera has progressive scanning, enabling better quality images extracted from the video, especially for moving targets.
  • IP security cameras come with pre-installed software and are compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • An IP security camera allows users to view live network camera feeds remotely from any computer with Internet access.
  • Whenever an IP security camera senses an intrusion or motion, it will instantly send a notification or email to your phone.
  • With two-way communication, an IP cctv camera system allows you to talk to your employees at the office or talk to your siblings at home.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously use the IP CCTV camera on various devices like PC, tablets, or phones.
  • It can be connected directly to a LAN port or wirelessly configured with a Wi-Fi router.
  • IP security cameras are available in fixed or PTZ configurations.
  • PoE cameras come equipped with TF (Trans Flash) memory sd-card slots. Depending on the storage capacity of memory cards, you can store the video recording for a more significant number of days.
  • Equip with infrared (IR) LEDs to fully capture and transmit live videos during the night or low light conditions.


IP security cameras’ resolution and image compression are factors in the clarity and size of the PoE camera’s images. Capture data in a range of resolutions. An IP security camera system offers megapixel resolution, using a megapixel sensor to provide an image that contains one million or more pixels. The more pixels a sensor has, the greater its potential to capture more refined details and produce a higher-quality image. High-definition (HD) video data is possible in megapixels as 720P or 1080P formats.

High definition IP security cameras have an essential role to play in security camera system applications. They can provide more helpful videos with more image detail and broader coverage than standard resolution cameras. Their license plate number recognition, etc., applications, and you may select megapixel network cameras that support up to 1080p resolution. Depending on your specific requirement, you can choose different HD formats for PoE cameras. To know the size of different HD formats, you can check the following table.

High-resolution IP security cameras offer better clarity to the viewer but at the cost of increased bandwidth. The trade-off is achieving using a codec, an electronic device to compress data before transmission to save bandwidth and decompress it at the receiver’s end.

Video compression is the process of using a codec to go through your video files to reduce or eliminate unnecessary files. That makes your video files smaller, so you can store more video on your NVR or DVR hard drive or IP security camera SD-Card. Almost all IP security camera systems come with a video compression codec to compress your files. The codec looks for unnecessary files or frames to reduce or eliminate without impacting the video’s final version.

If you need better images and video, consider an IP CCTV camera that uses H.264 video compression, which is the high-definition video in narrow bandwidth networks. These cameras tend to be more expensive. However, the images and video are apparent. How much do security cameras cost?


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Buying the best IP security cameras for your security needs and installing them up in a way that will maximize their benefits requires some planning. Before you go out to buy an IP CCTV camera system, be sure to carefully consider where you intend to put a security camera system installation. How many security cameras you will need, and which form factor and features will best suit your needs. Our team of knowledgeable sales and surveillance support representatives at Dicsan Technology can answer any questions. You may have or help you learn more about IP security cameras. Suppose you are not sure about which IP security camera system is right for you at Dicsan Technology. In that case, we can also help you find the IP security camera that will best suit your security needs and budget.