Hotels are places quite busy where every time new people is coming and going. Therefore, having hotel security cameras inside the hotel becomes an essential tool to have control and order in the facilities and offer a security service for both guests and employees.


Security in facilities such as a hotel is a crucial element for guests. They want to feel safe during their stay. Today more than ever, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Cabins, and First Class Hotels require a security system with cameras to protect customers and employees. The installation of hotel  security cameras offers a significant number of benefits. For that reason, it is essential to analyze the specific needs of each facility and objectives that are achieving for its sites.

The use of security camera systems offers benefits that provide the customer with a differential value of the implicit services provided by the hotel. The person in charge of security and installation uses a powerful management tool to be aware of the status of the service (events, cleaning, quality, etc.). As well as analyze the flow of people in each common area of the building in any incident. Hotel security cameras allows the recovery of images for analysis and processing in identifying incidents, intrusion, and even the review of customer complaints, among other aspects, all with security cameras in Miami.

On the other hand, the economic benefits include reducing risk premiums against insurance companies and false claims for damages by users. It will be easier to promote your reputation and consolidate the staff’s peace and your customers with the latest security camera measures.


Theft Prevention:

Due to a large amount of traffic and the permanent turnover of people experiencing a hotel, it is difficult for employees to pay attention to all the customers’ objects. They may leave their wallets, suitcases, cell phones, or other valuables forgotten in lobbies or corridors. Sometimes, these objects find by people who have no intention of returning them. Using the backup feature of the security camera recording solution, managers will investigate what happened with those objects to give a precise and conscientious response to their clients. Today it is no longer necessary for the person responsible for checking these recordings to be in place by configuring the hotel security cameras to be viewed from the Internet anywhere in the world. That is the benefit of hotel CCTV systems.


Using the face detection module, you can record the faces that entered the establishment also backed up with date and time, keeping these records for months for later use. People in the hotel can be quickly finding through the hotel security cameras. Theft and delinquency are preventing when security cameras protect the property.

Remote Control Monitoring:

Access to the surveillance footage of your hotel security camera facilities through the cell phone or computer connected to the Internet. That means that you do not have to be a permanent slave of the place. You can have all areas monitored and controlled to give instructions to your staff and check that they are doing their tasks on time. See an example of viewing hotel cameras remotely over the Internet from the test page when you visit our virtual office through your PC.


After analyzing the benefits of installing hotel security cameras, the key lies in the design of a suitable and personalized security cameras solution that takes into account the following aspects:

Unique buildings:

The size, design, and architecture of security cameras adapt to any space and environment. In addition to other factors, make them unique installations that require an individual and integrated hotel security camera system. To cover each of their needs without breaking the aesthetics of the professional security camera installation.

A large number of people:

Any hotel chain is a clear example of a singular installation. Different types of visitors come together during the twenty-four hours of the day (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.). Depending on the relationship of these people with the hotel, the objectives will be very different: security and privacy for their clients, control of employees, deterrence of criminal acts, etc.

Variety of scenarios (public or private):

Determining critical places of the installation as access to facilities, doors, emergency exits, elevators, lounges, corridors, spas, car parks, garden areas, etc., is crucial to consider to achieve the objectives pursued. There are many models of cameras in the market that allow us to choose from small cameras “pinhole” to massive domes with movement capacity. We can help you analyze the cameras’ location and selection in each space since there are places in the hotel where they cannot install without disturbing customers or even violating the data protection law. However, the target must be dissuasive in other locations, so the camera has to be highly visible to fulfill that function. At the hotel, it will be critical to analyze the security/privacy commitment so that customers see the hotel surveillance as a guarantee of their well-being in the facility.

Protection of property and persons:

Some hotel furnishings, such as works of art (tapestries, sculptures, paintings, etc.), are priceless and should be protected with preventive measures to deter potential criminals without violating the privacy of your guests.


The hotel security cameras must be flexible to cover each of the events that can organize in the hotel facilities: ceremonies, congresses, exhibitions, among others.


At Dicsan Technology, we recommend installing hotel security camera systems to achieve a greater security level while easily monitoring what happens throughout the warehouse. When hotel surveillance uses responsibly and without violating the customers’ privacy, these CCTV security tools offer a great security solution. That will allow you to optimize your time supervising.

Hotel security cameras protect the hotel and protect your employees and customers while saving you time and money. Without a doubt, the use of hotel CCTV systems are fully extending. Are you interested in installing hotel security cameras at your hotel? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us at Dicsan Technology. We will be happy to schedule a consultation to assess how we can help you. To identify your security requirements and design the hotel camera that best suits your needs and budget.