Hikvision security cameras focuses on surveillance technology. It is the world’s leading supplier of surveillance equipment. Systems thanks to its high capacity, innovation, and high-quality manufacturing.

Hikvision security cameras


Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Hikvision specializes in the design and production of video surveillance products and technology. The company’s complete product suite includes Smart I.P. cameras, H.D. analog cameras, speed domesN.V.R.sDVRs, video management software. Access control and alarm systems, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems Miami and CCTV technology for any security need. 

Thousands of customers in every critical surveillance sector worldwide – cities, airports, banking, harbors, and more – have chosen Hikvision’s industry-leading solutions. With over 16,000 employees worldwide, 6,000 of whom are R&D engineers. It has expanded from China to become a global player with 14 country branches across the world. Hikvision closed 2015 with a turnover of 3.88 billion dollars, an annual growth rate of 47%, and a C.A.G.R. (Compound Annual Growth Rate) over the last ten years of 53%.

Impressive figures indicate an organization whose focus is on results. Confirming its position as a global leader in video surveillance and related products and innovative solutions.

Innovate and upgrade your surveillance systems:

Hikvision’s continued growth results from its ample capacity for innovation and its range of integrated vertical solutions. Its excellent quality of manufacture, and the expansion of its sales network on a global level, reflecting its commitment to meeting the market’s needs. In 2015, the company invested 8% of its annual turnover in Research and Development. They were looking to the future and guaranteeing that their clients can avail of innovative products. Vertical solutions for the continuously evolving demands of the Security sector.

Hikvision stands as a sound, reliable, and innovative partner and guarantees that clients’ and end users’ medium and long-term investments are safe. The company is always at the client’s side, providing specialized support and excellent products in tune with expectations.

Our teams collaborate to create an ensemble that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Hikvision offers a complete range of analog and hybrid DVRs and professional N.V.R.s that allow the seamless integration of Internet-based and networking technologies into video surveillance solutions. Hikvision’s digital video recording platform is ideal for creating the most innovative CCTV architectures, both analog and IP-based.

Hikvision’s Smart Series cameras and specialty cameras offer ideal performance and features for critical security cameras installations. They also provide detailed video images; DarkFighter and LightFighter solutions provide clear pictures in any lighting conditions. Stainless steel, high-impact, weather-resistant cameras withstand harsh environments. Built-in intelligent analytics provide pre-and post-event details. Data recording and storage products keep records safe and ready for forensic research. Every critical infrastructure setting has its own set of needs. With Hikvision products, these needs are all met.

Fortified your security systems:

Fortified by one of the largest R&D teams in the video surveillance industry, the innovation behind these products quickly made Hikvision the No. 1 video surveillance equipment provider globally, according to I.H.S. Markit. A total solution provider, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of video surveillance products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets, including retail, education, and many others. Whatever the scope or requirements of the application, Hikvision has a user-friendly, highly scalable product to meet those needs.

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