Dome security cameras system are the most common security cameras on the market. It is pretty resistant against banditry, but it is effortless to install it in any place. Those security cameras come in different sizes, and for that reason, it is an excellent option to choose it.


dome security camera is the most common camera in surveillance systems today. This camera got its name after its dome-shaped casing. Certainly, is commonly used to deter the observation position of the security camera. The dome camera unit is mounting inside a transparent dome that is usually tinted to obscure the camera position. Making it difficult for someone to tell which direction the dome camera lens is aiming. Also, the vandal-resistant casing feature of this security camera allows for protection against vandalism and tampering. Furthermore, outdoor dome security cameras are easy to install and can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. Also making them appropriate for a wide range of security camera applications.

dome security camera



This camera systems are available in different shapes and sizes. A dome security camera is also available in various IP security camerasTVI Security Camera, or Analog Security Camera.


This camera is not easily noticeable, which is useful for many security camera applications such as a front door, church. Also, you can implement it in parking garage entrance, or office. In this case where intruders won’t be aware of the location of the outdoor security camera.

Easy Installation:

Mounting brackets for dome security cameras allow for easy installation on a wall or ceiling indoors or outdoors.


When purchasing a security camera system, most businesses and homeowners prefer the dome security camera over any bullet security camera. Due to its simple and sleek appearance.


Dome security camera systems offer many advantages over other security cameras in Miami. Which, without a doubt, makes them one of the best choices when choosing a security camera system for your home. As well as is helpful for business. However, many security camera form factorssecurity camera featuressecurity camera prices, and security camera brands are available. Which can be confusing for most. That’s why, before you go out to buy a security camera system. Be sure to carefully consider where you intend to install your security cameras, how many dome cameras you will need. Additionally, features that will best suit your needs. Suppose you are not sure about which security camera system is right for you at Dicsan Technology. In that case, we can also help you find the security camera that will best suit your needs and budget.


Although it does not seem like it, this is one of the elements that customers of this type of camera. Because it has a casing resistant to bumps and scratches, making it ideal for placing in shops or offices. In the same way, these are ideal for outdoor as they are resistant to both rain and low temperatures.


It includes a remote device with which you can control the device’s operation, zoom, and movement.


Given its rounded structure, this type of equipment can place both on ceilings and walls without losing their functionality. Since these can be adapted and placed by varying the focus to the area that you want to monitor.


As the name implies, these security camera systems can compress the images and videos recorded in their internal memory. So, it is helpful to create more space and continue functioning optimally. Additionally, it should note almost all cameras have infrared systems that allow the recording quality to be in high definition.


Dicsan Technology offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor dome security cameras. So, it is ideal for a wide range of security camera applications, giving you maximum protection 24/7, day or night. Our dome security camera systems are professional, reliable, capable, and easy to install, available for outdoor and indoor installation. Our dome cameras are also available with many features, including a high-resolution security cameranight vision security camera. As well as wireless security cameras4k resolution, and more!

Dome security cameras are one of the best alternatives in the security camera industry for home or business applications. Its two most significant advantages are its ability to adapt to different places and its discretion. There are many models available, prices, and brands. But the most important before purchasing or installing your security camera system is to define your priorities and security concerns. To make sure you choose the best camera for your needs, Dicsan Technology recommends consulting a specialist. Because you can get the type of security camera you need for a price that won’t break the bank. We offer you great prices on security camera system packages and can manage your entire security camera installation in Miami!