RFID vs. NFC technology, which is better?

RFID vs. NFC technology, both technologies work very similarly. However, there are some differences between NFC and RFID, especially which is more convenient for different applications or uses…

RFID, for example, allows the use of cards, and you can configure them easily. Companies worldwide use these RFID cards in various industries and employ durable materials like white PVC to manufacture them.

RFID vs. NFC technology RFID card access RFID access RFID access control

On the other hand, for the intelligent cards working correctly need are in contact with the reader to exchange information and authenticate. They need a short proximity to function, which is still RFID.

The RFID card access uses the HID proximity protocol, slightly different from the protocols that you can use in most RFID projects. Indeed, RFID enables applications that require large distances or ranges.

The difference The contrast The distinction between NFC and RFID

RFID and NFC allow the communication of data remotely. For its part, NFC can be part of the RFID family. The main difference between these two technologies is the scope of communication.

While RFID access can receive and transmit radio waves at distances of 100 meters or more. RFID reaches considerable distances for active tags equipped with their battery. NFC is limited to a maximum range of 20 cm.

RFID vs. NFC technology RFID card access RFID access RFID access control

The range of NFC is usually 0 to 5 cm. Its application is widespread in code reading or identification with devices such as cell phones. Also, it is helpful with items you can carry by hand, requiring more private use.

Another essential difference between NFC and RFID is the frequency of the radio waves. RFID uses numerous frequency bands that enable various industrial and commercial applications. NFC is limited to a high frequency of 13.56 MHz’s.

In conclusion, if you analyze RFID vs. NFC technology, RFID is best if you need a technology that allows a wide range. It would help if you used RFID when you require security with global RFID access control systems. At the same time, NFC is beneficial for identifying confidential information or for more individualized use.


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