RFID polarized signal

The RFID polarized signal is one that real tag antennas have, which means they have specific improvements. Still, generally, they are not significant (around two dBi). However, you must consider that we do not always control the exact orientation of the pro tag antenna. So, anyone can guarantee that the main beam of the antenna points at the reader.

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There are a few ways to estimate the exact orientation of the antenna signal. One of them is using the Friis equation. First, we define the minimum power required by the tag; thus, we obtain the limited range of the forward link. Limiting the minimum strength of the signal in the reader, we get the limited capacity for the reverse link.

An additional antenna parameter is of vital importance in RFID reader systems. The potential of the radiated magnetic vector occurs in the direction of the current from which it diverges. It always points along that part of the vector potential that is perpendicular to the direction of propagation.

The above isn’t as scary as it sounds: it simply means that electromagnetic waves are usually transverse waves. Like a wave on water, the effect associated is perpendicular to the direction in which the wave propagates.

An electromagnetic wave moves electrons in the plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation, not along the propagation path. The path in which the field points determine the polarization of the radiated wave. When this direction is constant over time, the curl is said to be linearly polarized.

And how to take advantage benefit enjoyment of this type of signal?

RFID methods use a wide selection of frequency bandwidths. It uses various frequencies depending on the type of system, whether it is an RFID access card or another. In the case of polarized antennas, it can also be a linear or circular signal.

Understanding how the RFID signal works is much better, which is why we explained a little above. You will then know how to get the most out of it and achieve truly secure spaces.

RFID polarized signal RFID signal RFID reader systems RFID access card

The best security technology

RFID is the best security technology, and it does not require batteries since it is only activated. The RFID system is activated when the reader captures the signal or information through a device containing a tag.

The RFID polarized signal is one of the few solutions that allow automatic access control. And obtain a more excellent range that can be useful in public or crowded spaces.


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