RFID circular antennas are a type of antenna that has a wide range to capture the radio frequency signal. However, there is a wide variety of antennas with different polarizations.

RFID CIRCULAR ANTENNAS circularly polarized antennas RFID RFID security system access card RFID

When choosing the suitable RFID antenna for your company, consider your antenna’s polarization. This determines the execution and range diameter of the RFID reading zone.

A circular RFID antenna emits electromagnetic waves in a spiral motion. Additionally, the antennas can have a correct circular polarization or a left circular polarization. The circular polarization side determines the spiral direction, which should be appropriate for the layout of your access point.

There are also linear antennas, which must be aligned directly with the RFID tag to operate at optimal levels. So circularly polarized antennas RFID have a constantly rotating field that provides a broader bandwidth for picking up titles.

Aspects to consider when choosing the type of RFID antenna.

Although the bandwidth of circular antennas is more expansive than linear antennas. But the above also means that the reading range will be shorter than that of a linear RFID antenna. Because the signal is more dispersed over that wide range.

So, circular polarized RFID antennas are ideal for the RFID security system to read various RFID tags. Consider using it on different surfaces in less space.

In linear antennas, the devices must be close to each other, usually no more than a few centimeters. To avoid reading errors and denied access titles.

RFID CIRCULAR ANTENNAS circularly polarized antennas RFID RFID security system access card RFID

Some more RFID

RFID circular antennas have become a popular alternative for automated access control. Additionally, you can round out these technologies with small devices on an integrated circuit with access card RFID.

With each technological advance, defiances are always related to better how to apply the system in different contexts. However, RFID methods utilize a wide selection of frequency bandwidth, which facilitates adapting this technology to any situation.


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