There are two main problems to the error of Reconnecting it is not supported by the device error code hcnetsdk.dll 91 in your IP camera.


  1. When there is insufficient power to the camera
  2. When the auto change stream type is on  

The easy and fastest solution is to use the PoE cable and turn the auto change stream off.

Remember that when using the PoE power supply, it is essential to follow international standards. (IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af). Each one has a punctual voltage for the cameras. Therefore, please advise when obtaining it to use the correct cable. 

This power supply allows to use up to 100 meters and provides a better power supply. but if you are within 40 meters you can opt for a passive PoE cable.

  • Use two types of the video stream. The main and secondary.

 To prevent this error code hcnetsdk.dll 91 only you have to open the ¡VMS-4200 to reconfigure the parameters.

  1. Click tool—> system configuration.

This should work all you need is to reload the camera and the Reconnecting it is not supported by the device error code hcnetsdk.dll 91 should disappear. But if the cable is in bad condition or with wrong settings, it can lead to the same problem and will need to be reset and configured from scratch, from the software to your computer if necessary.

Just login into the camera, go to the upgrade and maintenance menu.

But if all this don’t work, just try to restart the ¡VMS- 4500

It is fundamental to have the last firmware to make sure that works good to avoid the Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91]. 


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