Some recommendations can be helpful when implementing access systems with proximity cards. If you must print your cards using an ID card printer, look for ones specifically designed for printing.

Access systems with proximity cards access control RFID RFID security system RFID access cards

In addition, the cards create high-density plastic that is 100% waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor events and extending their duration for several days.

The cards use the HID proximity protocol, slightly different from those used in most access control RFID. However, it’s important to note that not all proximity cards are creating from printable materials.

Businesses around the world use proximity card access systems in a wide variety of industries. PVC proximity cards are the most commonly made from durable white PVC.

Proximity card configuration

Set up our cards effortlessly, as they print with images on both sides. It is impossible to cover magnetic cards even though they are using in various industries in RFID security systems.

One of the benefits of carrying these cards is that they can be quickly loaded, so you can have all your essential cards along with a bill or two-folded cash if necessary.

Card reprogramming is often not feasible due to practical factors. Of course, it will only allow entry if the allowed card reading is correct. However, several RFID access cards have unique characteristics, and combination cards have different capacities.

Access systems with proximity cards access control RFID RFID security system RFID access cards

Cards should be for the use of a single user. They should lend, rent, or otherwise transfer to another person. This is because the card must be working for a specific user to be able to proceed directly to the lifts from their vehicle by example.

The card needs to be working so our machines can read the code. In the security transport system, you can bring your RFID card to a ticket window to buy and activate the card. Still, you will appreciate the chance to skip the ticket lines.

So, RFID access cards are an effective solution to control access anywhere.


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