4k 8 Mp Metal, 25m white LED light, full color. ColorVu
1/2.8″ SONY Sensor, IMX415+RV1126 , HDR, Starlight
Main Stream: 8MP@30fps/ 6MP@30fps/ 4MP@30fps/ 1080P@30fps/720P@30fps, With Internal POE Build in 4G Storage; Smart Analytics: Human/Face/Intrusion/ Line Cross/Wandering/Gather Detection
SD Card Slot(Max.512G)&Built in Mic

Product qualities:

The trend is your security, we constantly work to offer you the best surveillance products. We provide cameras that fit all your needs, whether it is with night vision, 24/7 color, people and vehicle detection, waterproof, dustproof, and a system that allows you to observe from the comfort of your cell phone.