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Outdoor audio speaker designs exist to withstand the outside elements, disguising them like rocks, planters, birdhouses, and vases, and also delivering excellent sound quality. A speaker outdoor audio system is the answer if you like to take your music outside. Additionally, these audio systems output has a wider soundstage than indoor speakers, which means that listeners will be able to hear the music more clearly, and Dicsan Technology will give you the answer to know more about this technology.


An excellent outdoor speaker system is built with a soundtrack in the form of wind, lawnmowers, and barking doors and includes features that enhance sound quality, such as high-power handling and low-frequency response for excellent bass. Since there are no walls to reflect sound in outdoor spaces, getting a good sound in open spaces can be difficult. However, extreme weather conditions are no problem for outdoor speaker systems, guaranteeing a long and happy life.

At Dicsan Technology we install speaker outdoor audio systems for your business. We conduct new installations, upgrades, maintenance, and total system renovations while staying within your budget. If it’s a commercial business we have the right solution for you. Contact us to speak to a representative at 786-622-2221 today to see how we can help you.


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If you want to extend or improve your speaker system for your business, condominium, building, among others. Dicsan’s outdoor speaker installation in Miami is a great option for you when it comes to creating an outdoor ambiance to entertain your visitors. Choosing the right speakers that works for your premises is essential. Even the speakers can be shaped like a rock if you want to hide them. So if you are thinking about installing or extending your outdoor audio system let us know and we will give you a free consultation. Call us now at 786-622-2221 Dicsan Technology.


Outdoor Speakers?

Traditional Outdoor Speakers

Traditional outdoor speakers typically have a weather-resistant casing. These outdoor speakers have a great range of frequencies catering more to the lowe bass notes. Most outdoor speakers are wall-mounted and usually have a 3″ to 8″ mid-driver and tweeter.

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Landscape Speakers

These type of speakers have a variety of different models such as satellite outdoor speakers, rock outdoor speakers, mushroom outdoor speakers, bollard outdoor speakers, and outdoor architectural speakers.


Satellite Outdoor Speaker

Satellite Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Outdoor satellite speakers are also known as “ground stakes.” This way, you can plant them in the right direction. Less expensive landscape speakers are known to break down the stake easily.¬†These types of outdoor speakers disappear into your landscape, leaving you with nothing but an amazing sound. Satellite outdoor landscape speakers usually have 3″ to 6″ mid driver and tweeter.

Rock Outdoor Speakers

These devices are more durable and usually have a 4″ to 8″ driver and tweeter. Rock outdoor speakers have different designs and colors that will suit your aesthetic needs. These types of outdoor speakers can give you a wider range of frequencies because they hold a larger driver. When selecting the right Rock outdoor speaker, consider the correct position of the molding. Some of these speakers are pitched or tilted depending on each space and the performance you are looking for.


Rock Outdoor Speaker


Mushroom Speaker

Mushroom Outdoor Speakers

Have a 360-degree sound field. If you are looking to maximize the overall sound, have a great sound frequency but still aesthetically pleasing these types of outdoor landscape speakers can work for you. Mushroom outdoor speakers are a great solution for commercial applications such as shopping malls, theme parks, hotels, casinos, resots, etc.

Bollard Outdoor Speakers

Have different characteristics that make them a more expensive option but it’s totally worth it. Due to its design that looks great when positioned out in the open, it also offers a wider range of frequencies and can house several larger drivers in an optimal directions.


Bollard Outdoor Speaker

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Bench Outdoor Speakers

Are popular among gardening lovers because of their natural and magnificent look for wide areas. These types of speakers can be placed directly in a listening area. They can be custom made to comply your aesthetic needs.

Outdoor Subwoofers

Complement your outdoor speakers’ audio system experience. These subwoofers speakers provide lower frequencies from the bottom end of the scale that capture and move us.

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