The Millennium mobile connects access control system credentials offers access to secured buildings, rooms, and common areas with one click from any internet-connected smartphone.

Mobile Connect provides increased security, enables ease of operation, and the flexibility to quickly access contron doors by approved users. All mobiles connect credentials are securely managing through the Millennium software platform. They are efficiently assigning through the administrator to all mobile-enabled employees, students, or assigned personnel.

The Millennium mobile connect is the most versatile mobile access system in the market as they work with any reader. One does not need to replace existing hardware to use the mobile credentials. Unlike the competition, the system is designing to work with any entry hardware linked through the Millennium access control software.

When using the mobile connect app, the system operator must first register mobile credentials within the Millennium software platform system and provide the users with the necessary software permission.

System operators have complete control over issuing and revoking credentials. Revoked credentials can be reassigned, allowing for continued flexibility.

Easy to set up

Easy to use

Flexible features


  1. Digital keys access control any pre-approved doors.
  2. The perfect blend of secure cloud based access control and mobile flexibility
  3. Customize the app to prioritize favorite doors for a simplified experience
  4. A secure system allows you to manage the software from any location.
  5. Available for free download from the Google Play and Apple app stores
  6. The system is online via the Millennium Ultra software platform.
  7. Free updates are available and are applied periodically.
  8. Full administrative access through the cloud-hosted solution or via local installs of access control software
  9. Grant guests’ temporary access through the app
  10. Save money on replacement cards with accessible credentials reassignment.
  11. No hidden costs, with simplistic free downloads
  12. Works with ALL readers. No need to replace existing hardware
  13. Available with client and cloud-hosted applications of Millennium Ultra

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