How to create a cardholders record

How to create a millennium access Cardholder´s record?

We want to show you these steps to create a new Cardholders record in your millennium access control system. To do this, please, read below:

First step:

To create a new millenium access control  Cardholder’s record, first, we need to access the Cardholder windows in the home menu as shown below (1,2):

Millenium access control access control card access systems

Second step:

Millenium access control access control card access systems

Once this step it’s done, you’ll see the following panel showing a list of all the existing cardholders in the millennium access control system. The only next step is going to the NEW option as shown below (3):

Thirt step:

Millenium access control access control card access systems

The following step is going to the identification panel of the millenium access controls (4) and typing the data fields as it’s shown in the next step. First, we complete the First Name (5), middle name (optional), and Last Name (6), and we can change the employee ID also (7 optional).

Fourth step:

Following this, we go to the Cards tab in your millennium access control systems software (8) and enter the data in the fields shown below. First, we enter the encoded Card No. (9), and we mark in the active (10). The Facility code (FC-1-256 Encoded Card: 0-65535) (11), we select in card Format the one that says Wiegand 26 FC 1 (12), and finally, to assign the access Level, we double left click in the box marked under access control Level as shown in the figure (13).

Fifth step:

And this opens the following menu in your millennium access control systems. We click on the drop-down menu marked in the following figure and select among the available ones assigned to the user (14) and then click ok to save (15).


Sixth step:

Finally, we click save (16), and you will see the new cardholder added to the access control solution system.


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