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Our hardware series enables simplified connectivity and unmatched system scalability with a single unit to support up to 99 door control devices. With best-in-class flexibility in wiring topology, including daisy chain, T-tap, home run, and loopback options, the Millennium engineered system boards, and parts ensure installation efficiency for every possible use case.

– NetDCD1 Single IP Door Control.

– Device – Single Reader.

– Ethernet/IP door controller.

– includes plug-in power supply.

– Perfect for a single reader.

– installations such as family homes.

It enhanced the Site control unit. Supervisory controller and ethernet interface with seven-alarm inputs and one reader port. Intended for use with Enhanced Door Control Devices (149-101966). Can connect up to 99 doors on a site—best hardware option for large-scale installations such as high-rise condominiums.

Elevator Control Device. It provides interface and management of access control system system readers used as part of the elevator control system. Intended for use with Elevator Control Units.


Customized alarm options allow the guard, manager, or property owner to see anything out of the ordinary happening at any facility entry points. With remote management options available through the cloud-based Millennium Ultra software platform, it can clear false alarms. Potentially dangerous situations such as break-ins, vandalism, and unauthorized access can be investigated and further escalated for a full resolution.

Immediately review the causes of alarms for a quick resolution.

Inform residents via text messages of any emergency required action.

Clear alarms remotely.


With the array of intelligent integrated Video Management Systems and Millennium Ultra, there is no longer a need to manage multiple views of the complementary security systems. Now you can view and work live and recorded video footage and respond to live threats all from within the Millennium Ultra software system.


The essence of the Millennium access control system is to secure entry points.

Explore our array of options that go hand in hand with the most robust access control software available in the market today-The Millennium Ultra.

Options ;

  • Cloud access control
  • Mobile Connect credentials
  • Door readers
  • Door controller boards
  • Site controller boards
  • Integrated third party wireless options
  • Temporary guest passes for visitors.


Millennium Plexus mesh network wireless system provides flexible wireless access control for buildings with wiring limitations, structures with high or plastered ceilings, and sites with a preference for fully secured wireless connectivity, such as college dorms. Eliminate lengthy wire runs, reduce installation labor and cost, connect multiple buildings and get stable access control system security anywhere you need it.


Included in the standard package:

  • Wireless connection using mesh network technology.
  • Built-in redundancies- if one controller goes down, the others stay


  • Millennium Plexus wireless controllers eliminate the need for lengthy wire runs and complicated installs.
  • Unlike traditional wireless handles, Mesh controllers provide a full-featured access control system.
  • Uses the Bluetooth 5 wireless technology to provide more stability than traditional wireless handles’ regular Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Up to 150 ft range line of sight.
  • Allows for multiple pattern connectivity creating systems that encompass both the wired and the wireless systems.
  • Controllers can be wired directly to a local power source.
  • Backward compatible with all previous versions of the Millennium access control systems hardware and software.


Our cloud-hosted access control is the Millennium Ultra software without the need for dedicated access control servers, software installations, and ongoing maintenance or backups. The cloud-hosted Access Control Solution is designed for a fast and easy installation with full features, capabilities, and reliability, just like the stable on-premise solutions you expect. Cloud-hosted offers hands-off maintenance and leads to the elimination of operator errors from manual upgrades and system updates.


Managing residential access control is easier than ever with this actual events data snapshot.

  • It provides insight into active and inactive doors and entry points.
  • Intelligent data analysis uncovers insights into how your facility’s security is performing.
  • Real-time reporting allows for swift action in the event of a break-in, vandalism, and false alarm events.
  • Round-the-clock alarm notification provides peace of mind and removes the burden of lapses when guards change shifts.


The Millennium mobile connect provides increased security, enables ease of operation, and the flexibility to quickly access doors by approved users. All mobile connect credentials are securely managing through the Millennium software platform. They are efficiently assigning through the administrator to all residents.

What you get;

  • Digital keys access any pre-approved doors.
  • Residents can customize the app to prioritize favorite doors for a simplified experience.
  • Secure system allows the administrator to manage the software from any location.
  • Available for free download from the Google Play and Apple app stores.
  • Free updates are available and are applied periodically
  • Can grant guests temporary access through the app.
  • Save money on replacement cards with accessible credentials reassignment.
  • No hidden costs, with simplistic free downloads.
  • Works with ALL readers. No need to replace existing hardware
  • Available with the client and cloud-hosted applications of Millennium Ultra.



Millennium Ultra integrates with the 2N® IP Verso intercom system to provide a seamless combination of access control and intercom telephony systems.

It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with the software to achieve higher security for your residents.

Features include.

  • The direct calls from intercom to mobile phones and tablets.
  • Intuitive search and control
  • Modularity
  • Remote configuration
  • Touch keypad
  • Event history
  • Security relay
  • Events and alarm log


The option to grant temporary access into homes, apartments and luxury condos is a flexible feature that Millennium offers.

Now, residents can request temporary access for friends, families, and maintenance staff and have this scheduled with ease through the best-in-class millennium Ultra access control software.

  • Cancreatetemporarymobilepasses via the Millennium Mobile credentials app.
  • Create temporary ID badges.
  • Authorize custom access schedules based on allowing access levels and work schedules in maintenance work.
  • Easily revoke access whenever.
  • The ability to view all entry events via the event slog.
  • Can review video log through integrated CCTV from within Millennium Ultra access control dashboard.


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