Door and access control serves as a barrier between a company’s resources and outside threats. For more than 50 years, our family-owned business has provided electronic Millennium access control solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether they have one door or thousands, to ensure their employees and assets are safe. More importantly, as businesses grow, our solutions expand to match their needs.


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Your building is far more than just simple shelter; providing a safe, peaceful place for your family to thrive is the most important investment. Millennium Group provides a fully customized access control systems solutions for unparalleled access control to your building. Engineered to pass stringent safety.

the standard guideline, Millennium access control solutions ensures inexperienced users, children and pets are safe with our door access solutions or any other devices in commercial access control.

Where is it possible to install the Millenium access control systems?


Condominiums present a unique set of needs for access control systems security with the need to reliably secure tens and hundreds of entry points, storage areas, and even parking structures.

The Millennium access control system is suited for administering access control to large-scale real estate facilities in a central system.


Mitigate risks and secure what is most important to you and your tenants with an integrated access control systems from Millennium.

Millennium access control ultra software allows the customization of unique door controls to enable you to give tenants complete control of their apartments. In contrast, they are limiting access to other parts of the facility based on permission levels.


Connecting interior access control systems needs with the external security requirements in one system is sound management and financial decision.

Millennium access control gives you the ability to connect all tenant access to the parking lot control privileges in managed residential facilities. You can reliably deter unauthorized access within your advanced security system and monitor all entries and exits within the same system.


High traffic areas in residential facilities present the most challenging security needs. It should be ideal for ease of movement but secure enough to provide the management and tenants peace of mind.

Millennium access control provides a system that easily integrates all entry points, including lobby doors, service entrances, elevators, and even mail storage rooms. Along with the associated hardware such as CCTV cameras and intercoms all in one single system.


Millennium’s suite of access control systems solutions is designing to comply with all safety regulations. It allows you to provide reliable security with physical access control and video surveillance.


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