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Millennium access control provides a seamless elevator security control system that allows guards to access elevators easily from within the administrative dashboards to release them. Tenants can have their authorized access customized based on their specific access levels and linked to their existing apartment access cards and credentials.

What's New and Trending in Elevator Security?

With the modernization of the elevators, new security specifications are being added to the software to make them more robust and flexible to meet the changing access control needs in buildings. Millennium spent more than two decants in R&D to understand the ever-shifting needs of the customers and constantly upgraded itself in the elevator industry. That led MGI to integrate the new elevator technology with the trending elevator security system. That stood the test of time for the last 25 years into launching advanced elevator security that is hardware reliable and allows seamless software integration. The new elevator features are:

The hardware components of the board are of top quality. Millennium access control provides a relatively compact design with a faster and better working unit.

Millennium solution has reduced the size of its part as hardware has improved, resulting in a condensed design and simplicity to install.

As the processor used by the MGI is quick and steady, it ensures easy and fast updates to the hardware, making it smooth to operate.

How to choose the best Elevator Access Security Solution?

To choose an access security solution that perfectly fits your requirements, you must look for the following features:

  1. Ease of Use: In all workspaces, user-friendly equipment favor. Considering this, Millennium provides its customers with a variety of pre-engineered boards that are lightweight, pre-wired, feature with the latest hardware, and are relatively simple to mount and install. The convenience decreases complexity and also saves time.
  2. Flexible: This is a critical element. Millennium’s software called Millennium system Ultra 5.0.0 is intelligent and performance-driven. A better user interface leads to better results and reflects the flexibility of the product. In addition, the software added the following new features:
  • Network addition for compatibility (coming soon)
  • Smoother working with or without a network connection
  • New design to integrate multiple boards
  1. Reliable: It is an essential factor when choosing a security system. Millennium’s Elevator security system hardware has proven dependable. It is still the most desired solution in the market, acknowledged by the dealers. New products are releasing with the same reliability as older products. All of the previously popular features are improved and reintroduced in the more recent developments.


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