Maglock installation involves a few steps to ensure it operates correctly and securely. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install it and why Dicsan technology is the best option to help you with your installation.


To install a magnetic door lock, you must understand the parts that make it up.

  1. Baseplate
  2. Lock Housing
  3. Machine screw
  4. Access cover
  5. Machine screw
  6. Socket Head screw
  7. Anti-Tamper Plug
  8. Armature
  9. Arm. Screw, Turned
  10. Armature housing
  11. Disc Magnet
  12. Machine screw
  13. Steel washer
  14. Armature spacer
  15. Door spacer tube
  • Determine the door type (wood, metal, glass)
  • Hold the device up to the chosen spot on the door frame.
  • Use a pencil or marker to outline the positions for the mounting screws.
  • Drill pilot holes for the mounting screws based on the marks you made.
  • If necessary, drill a hole for the wiring to pass through the door frame.
  • Secure the electromagnet to the door frame using the screws provided in the kit.
  • Ensure the electromagnet is level and firmly attached.
  • Align the armature plate with the electromagnet.
  • Mark the position on the door where the armature plate will be mounted.
  • Drill holes in the door for the armature plate’s mounting screws.
  • Install any spacers or brackets with the kit to ensure the armature plate can move slightly for proper alignment.
  • Attach the armature plate to the door using the provided screws. Ensure it can fully contact the electromagnet when the door is closed.
  • Power on the system and check if the magnetic lock installation engages when the door is closed.
  • Test the access system to ensure it properly unlocks the device.
  • If necessary, adjust the position of the armature plate to ensure complete contact with the electromagnet.
  • Double-check all screws and mounts to ensure they are secure.


Read the Manufacturer's Instructions

Different maglock installations may have specific requirements.

Use Proper Tools

Ensure you have the correct drill bits and tools for your door material.

Double-Check Wiring

Incorrect wiring can prevent the device from functioning or cause damage, such as with electric strike vs maglock.

Test Thoroughly

Before finalizing the maglock installation, thoroughly test it to ensure it operates smoothly.


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