Barrier arm gate with LED gate light are essential in access control, whether for:

Parking lots

Apartment complexes

Office Buildings

High vehicular traffic areas

This device is necessary to prevent vehicles and unauthorized people from entering the space. However, without a reflector or LED arm light, accidents can occur.

There are cases where the bar is located next to the gate. Still, since it doesn’t have LED lights, drivers usually don’t realize its presence, causing crashes and damage to the vehicle and the security gate arm.

LED gate light
LED gate light

An example of the security gate arms damage due to not being seen.

Suppose the access control barriers has reflectors or LED gate arm lights. In that case, this helps the driver see the presence of the bar more efficiently and from a distance, thus avoiding the accidents mentioned above and stopping the vehicle in time. This is because LED gate lights have a solid semiconductor device that converts an incoming electrical current of low intensity into a highly efficient, low-consumption light.

The same thing happens with the reflectors, which make the bar more visible and make the driver aware of its presence, position, and direction.

An example of reflectors and LED lights on the barrier arm door, avoiding accidents and damage, is the perfect solution.

LED gate light
LED gate light
LED gate light


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