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Whether your staff can’t afford to lose time dealing with computers or you are in need of experienced advise, we are the company to call. We have implemented a proactive approach to free your business fast from unexpected downtimes and optimize responsiveness and perfomance with or without an internal IT staff or managed cloud services. We offer services to support and maintain your systems 24/7.

Managed cloud services Cloud Storage Managed cloud services IT cloud server

Cloud data storage:

Is a term that refers to online space that you can use to store your data. All the maintenance service functions of Cloud Storage provide remote maintenance, management, and backup and generate a secure way to store your essential data remotely. Instead of storing it in a computer’s hard drive or other local storage device, this service allows the users to store files online in a remote database so that they can access them from any location via the Internet. 

The Internet provides the connection between your computer and the database. Online storage solutions are usually provided using a large network of virtual servers that come with tools for managing files and organizing your virtual storage space.

Managed cloud services can also provide many benefits, such as, greater accessibility and reliability; rapid deployment; strong protection for data backup, archival and disaster recovery purposes; and lower overall storage costs as a result of not having to purchase, manage and maintain expensive hardware. Cloud Storage is very convenient and offers more flexibility, but how does it work?

How it works:

Users upload files and folders on their computers or mobile devices to an internet server. If the original files corrupt or lost, the server makes a backup to protect your information. Using a  IT cloud server permits the user to download files to other devices when needed. Typically, the servers protect the files by encryption, and you can only access them by user with login credentials and passwords. The files are always available to the user, as long as the user has an internet connection to view or retrieve them.



Mobile cloud storage is a form of cloud storage that applies to storing an individual’s mobile device data in the cloud and providing the individual with access to the data from anywhere. Providers offer services that allow the user to create and organize files, folders, music, and photos, similar to other cloud computing modals. Mobile cloud storage additionally facilitates syncing and sharing data across multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Most cloud file storage providers offer limited free use and charge for additional storage if you exceed the complimentary limit. Periodically, we transfer your cost subscription to your account depending on the amount of storage desired. Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox are some of the most recognizable examples of mobile cloud storage.

The main benefits of using a Mobile Cloud service are:


Private cloud storage:

This is a type of storage mechanism that stores an organization’s data at in-house storage servers by implementing cloud computing and storage technology. This system is designed for one person or company that is specific to your needs. Private cloud storage comes in two formats: on premise and externally hosted. Both work well, but primarily for businesses, not individuals, unless you are running a smaller home-based company. Private cloud storage is similar to managed cloud services public in that it provides the usability, scalability and flexibility of the storage architecture. But unlike public cloud storage, it is not publicly accessible and is owned by a single organization and its authorized external partners.

The main benefits of using a Mobile Cloud service are:

A private cloud can be isolated from all but the company who owns it, offering an additional layer of security.

Managed cloud services offers a greater degree of reliability thanks to a fault resilient and redundant architecture that isn't shared in any way.

The resources within your private cloud infrastructure are at the disposal of your company and your company alone.

Use the virtual machine(s), so you can reallocate resources dynamically, wherever they are needed most.

Build and configure your private cloud in any way you like. Feel free to use any operating systems and applications you please and to allocate resources in any way you see fit.

Public cloud storage:

Public cloud storage is a cloud storage model that enables individuals and organizations alike to store, edit and manage data. It’s provided by a storage service provider that hosts, manages and sources the storage infrastructure publicly to many different users. A public cloud is one based on the standard cloud computing model, in which the service provider makes resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), applications or storage, available to the general public over the internet.

What you can do?

In this type, the user uses a publically available cloud which he has either rented or subscribed for a certain period of time. It requires little administrative controls and can be accessed online by any anyone you authorize with the User’s log in credentials from any part of the world.

The main benefits of using a public managed cloud service are:

Hybrid cloud storage:

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of private and public clouds. You can customize your features and insert the applications that meet your needs, as well as the resources that work for you. The most important data can be kept on a private cloud, while the less important data can be stored on a public cloud and accessed by a host of people remotely. You can store data in an efficient storage environment, which saves time and money. Building an enterprise hybrid managed cloud services brings along many benefits. When properly accounted for during planning, organizations can maximize the benefits while minimize the difficulties they bring for the company.

Hybrid cloud computing can offer increased security for organizations utilizing it.

Organizations can leverage public cloud offerings to offload some of the heavy usage, and only have to pay for it when they need it which saves money.

By leveraging the public cloud in times of heavy usage, the organization can also experience fewer outages and less downtime.

You can store data in an efficient storage environment, which saves time and money.

It is an On and Off model so it can be switched from public to private or private to public anytime as per user’s convenience.

Cloud storage providers:

Cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, and the physical environment protected and running. People and organizations buy or lease storage capacity from the providers to store user, organization, or application data.

Benefits of cloud storage:


The first benefit, and perhaps most important in the minds of many business owners, is the cost advantage. Moving your business to the cloud eliminates the cost of hardware and maintenance. Also, with cloud storage, you pay for what you use, as you use it. You do not need to anticipate how much storage space you will need for the year and risk paying for unused space or running short.


One of the greatest advantages of using managed cloud storage is that you’ll always have a backup solution in case something goes wrong. If something happens to the files on a computer, you can always access the cloud and retrieve any data that may have been damaged of lost.


If you’ve made any changes to one or more files, the cloud will automatically sync the changes across all affiliated devices.


You can access all files, folder, photos and videos in the cloud from anywhere in the world in any device that has internet access.

Strategic Value

Cloud services give organizations competitive advantages by providing the most innovative technology available.


Users can scale services to fit their needs, customize applications.

Enhanced Security

Cloud storage is housed in a data center, and your data is backed up to multiple servers. This means that if one server crashes, your data stays safe because it is stored in other locations.

What should be consider before choosing a cloud storage?

Managed cloud services Cloud Storage Managed cloud services IT cloud server


Because data is accessed online, controls should authenticate applications and users. Companies may also require data encryption.

Managed cloud services Cloud Storage Managed cloud services IT cloud server

Storage Space:

Cloud storage can become expensive with a large volume of data. Hybrid or on-premises solutions may help manage costs.

Managed cloud services Cloud Storage Managed cloud services IT cloud server


By using a service that offers multiple locations, load balancing manages network issues. Some storage may benefit from caching.

Managed cloud services Cloud Storage Managed cloud services IT cloud server

Management Interface:

Providers offer different web-based control panels with their services. Enterprises should choose one with the options they need.


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