How to solve NTP time sync in any NVR/DVR?

In NVR/DVRs, regardless of make and model, it may happen that the NTP time sync NVR is not updated correctly. This causes that in playback, the recordings do not match the actual time. Also, the time and date of the security cameras Miami are not synchronized correctly with the NVR/DVR settings.

What is an ntp server?

An NTP time sync (Network Time Protocol) server is a protocol used to synchronize the clocks of computer systems. Its main function is to obtain the time directly from the server. So, that it does not have to be set manually. Thus avoiding human error, and keeping the time updated automatically.

In the context of DVR/NVR (Digital Video Recorder/Network Video Recorder), an NTP server for NVR is very useful. It allows synchronizing the clocks of IP video surveillance security cameras in Miami. Ensuring that all devices capture and record events at the same instant. This facilitates event correlation and forensic investigation.

When checking the cause of the problem it may happen that the auto update is turned off. In this NTP setting in NVR we would have to set the time manually and this over time may affect the correct time setting.

If the auto update option is turned on, the error that the time configuration is not correct. Probably is the NVR ntp server address. In the following image we can see that the NVR time does not match the desktop time.

NTP time sync NTP server NTP configuration NTP server NVR

How do I fix server time out of sync?

The only thing that we must configure is the change of the NTP configuration NVR time zone server. For this, We can choose the one that is closest to our location, from the following page:

For the United States we can use any of the 4 official servers shown in the image.

NTP time sync NTP server NTP configuration NTP server NVR
NTP time sync NTP server NTP configuration NTP server NVR

When configuring the NTP server NVR on the NVR/DVR it would look like this:

In some NVR/DVRs we can configure to synchronize the date and time with all our cameras as shown in the following image.


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