How to receive push notifications from security cameras?

CCTV security camera systems can automatically notify the user when motion is detected. To provide intelligent motion detection alerts, the first step is to enable motion detection on the DVR or NVR recorder, or IP camera purchased. You will need

  • Have the DVR, NVR or IP Camera (device) connected to the internet
  • Have the device added to our free smartphone app so you can view security cameras from a smartphone
  • Have motion detection enabled on the device

If you are using IP cameras without an NVR, you will need to enable motion detection on each camera by logging in to the camera’s web interface. As of 2020, all of our network cameras have become Smart Cameras featuring video analytics functions called Smart Motion Detection that allow the user to draw a virtual tripwire or box for detecting intrusion. Depending on the camera model you purchased, please check the product’s description for the types of Smart Motion Detection supported.

For a camera system that has a DVR or NVR, motion detection needs to be enabled on the recorder itself. For an NVR system with IP cameras, if you are using cameras and NVR, any motion detection directives configured on the NVR will be provisioned on the cameras as well. In either case, you can read more about how to enable motion detection recording on a security camera recorder. The playback screen offers several different options to choose from that allow you to save, clip, or take snapshots of the event that occurred.


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