Tips to mount RFID antennas

What kind of Rfid antennas do you need to install in your business?

RFID antennas facilitate the work of vehicle identification. Protect all those who wish to enter or distribute the products. They carry since the labels record and provide proof of the data required. This is to have an excellent packaging distribution system.

How do these systems work?

Two essential devices for them to work correctly are readers and labels. The Rfid  readers capture the order or message and send it to the labels through frequencies. It does not matter if the frequencies are low or high. What these frequencies do is transfer the information to the programmed labels.


It receives the signal, traveling in the form of waves.


It receives the signal by electromagnetism.

The RFID access control systems creates the signals and sends and emits them through the RFID antenna.

Choose the correct Rfid antenna:

The conditions in which you have your business will depend on the type of RFID security system antenna you require. If you have ample space, you will need a larger antenna. Since, with a more excellent amplitude range concerning distances.

If you are in spaces where the climate is strong or very heavy. Check that you have protections for the system. We recommend IK08 or IP68 systems, respectively. Identify the passenger at long distances and constantly check the flow of your Rfid garage openner or parking lot.

RFID antennas Rfid readers RFID antenna Rfid garage openner

There may be multiple ways to install Antennas, but keep the following in mind:

Keep in mind the mini Rfid antennas for small spaces; however, it is necessary to name these devices because, unlike the UFH readers, they can serve to guarantee an excellent registration system, since the previous ones that we have named serve too Large spaces and extensive powers, perfect for warehouses or garages.

Other types of  Rfid security system can be placed on the ground. They are popular since they allow the identification of any vehicle that stops for them. Consider a drastic analysis of what you need to guarantee full registration coverage and avoid unauthorized entries, theft, or any type of anomalies that harm you and the users.


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