How do I fix the TX input signal?

The local display of NVR cameras is not visible on the screen.

Note: When reviewing the TX input signal cameras remotely. Check the correctly viewed from the “live View” and “Remote Playback.”

Why Tx input problem happens?

To understand the cause of the problem, make sure that the fault comes from the Miami security cameras. Therefore, when entering these remotely from the remote management software. See that it works correctly if you check the TX input signal.

Let’s check the following image; the display of cameras is not visible on the monitor or TV. Check the direct connection of the monitor to the NVR/DVR.

TX input signal check tx input signal input signal out of range
  • The first thing: check that all physical connections (Cables, Connectors, Power Supplies, etc.). Between the monitor and DVR/NVR connections its fine.

Suppose that the image contains a different problem. In that case, we can see that the monitor shows us an error “HDbitT Reminder”. Please check the TX input signal,” which indicates a mistake at the power cable level or UTP cable. The video from the is transmitted and received from the security cameras in Miami. maybe we have to change the HDMI Extender. Below is a brief explanation of its operation.

Choose the correct input:

An HDMI extender works by taking the TX input signal from the sender (in this case, the NVR). That amplify it to allow a longer transmission distance. This is accomplished by using a pair of adapters: one for the sender and one for the receiver. (the TV in this case).

The emitter adapter connects to the NVR via an HDMI cable and then connects to a UTP. (Unshielded Twisted Pair, also known as a network cable) cable. This UTP cable is extended to the receiver adapter, which is connected to the TV via another HDMI cable.

The following images show 2 types of HDMI Extenders.

TX input signal check tx input signal input signal out of range
TX input signal check tx input signal input signal out of range

The HDMI Extender amplifies the HDMI evading input signal out of range. so,  that it can travel through the UTP cable without degradation, allowing a distance of up to 35 m without transmission disturbances. Depending on the HDMI Extender model and the cable used, the extension can reach up to 250 m without failure.


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