It is the communication device you install at the gate where visitor can call the home and request entry.

Telephone Entry System

If the building has is constantly visited, whether commercial or residential, it is necessary to manage the access control to the property and maintain communication between the door and the user. Then, it aims to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to the property. Therefore, its main objective is to reduce the hazards of unauthorized access to the property. Suppose you want optimal security for your property. In that case, an intercom can offer a wide range of services and products related to the security of your property. It acts as a shield that allows you to control the door and identify visitors. As well, there are disadvantages keep into account the types of telephone entry system solutions.  

How works the telephone entry system?

telephone entry system it’s an electronic device that allows communication between building residents and visitors. The tenant called for the telephone system to the residents to authorize the visitor entry after identifying the person before that entry. This access control system requires a hardware install in the input of the property and a telephone to receive the call.

The main components of the telephone entry system are:

  • Installed outdoor hardware was in front of the door. 
  •  A door release system 
  • Power supply
  • Telephone wiring or cellular connection

Types of telephone entry system

Telephone entry systems may be able to install at: 
  • Apartments building 
  • Main gates at gated communities
  • Parking
  • Student housing 
  • senior living facilities
  • commercial business
  • Mixed-use buildings   

Limitations of telephone entry system:

  • They require a telephone line to make outgoing calls.
  • You can’t manage or update a telephone entry system remotely.