Hikvision intercom kit installation model: DS-KIS603-P

Hikvision intercom kit installation model: DS-KIS603-P.

This model, “DS-KIS603-P(B), is an Hikvision Intercom kit System access control systems Miami that allow you to visually access controller panel of the residential and commercial entrance to communicate with visiting people.

What is the "Hikvision intercom kit" system of ip video?


1: Touch screen - Door station
2: kit of connectors
3: Brakets
4: Two power supplies
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We have a intercom Hikvision Kit that is easy to install and operate and It consists:

1. A touch screen Model “DS-KH6320-QTE1” and a Door station model “DS-KV61113-WPE(B)” with Hikvision camera to communicate at the cell phone level with these devices and the marlock access control.
2. It comes with a kit of connectors in case you want to be connected and give it a power-reset supply of your access control systems companies.
3. it comes with brackets.
4. It comes with one some power supply of 12 volts.


The most important thing when the Hikvision intercom Door station is installed with the internal station to access control systems Miami, together they must be on the same Network.

1. Connect Hikvision video intercom device’s internet plug, join the network cable and then,  connect it to the POE switch.

2. Proceed to do the same with the Door Station, disconnect these two screws to access the interface below.

3. Install the connection cable for the Door Station, the first thing that appears here on the access control systems companies screen as what the password will be.

4. It will ask for the second step, which is the network. In this case, “DHCP” for the network and must be enabled.

5. That will ask you is the “SIP password” to be able to continue. This would be another essential step where you must enter a password.

6. A device recognizing the touch screen and Hikvision camera , and if you can tell, it is the model that matches the unit we have installed on the same “switch.” In this case, we proceed to the activation.

7. Refresh the image configuration And this make sure that the Hikvision intercom equipment takes an IP that is not the basic one.

8. Finish it, it will take us to the main screen of the unit station, enter live view and check the quality of your security first cameras.


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